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verb { garbhaM sru } have an abortion
गर्भ m. garbha foetus
गर्भ m. garbha embryo
गर्भ m. garbha descent
गर्भ m. garbha conception
गर्भ m. garbha kernel [computer]
गर्भता f. garbhatA pregnancy
गर्भत्व n. garbhatva pregnancy
गर्भगृह n. garbhagRha sanctum
गर्भपात m. garbhapAta abortion
गर्भपात m. garbhapAta miscarriage
गर्भवती f. garbhavatI pregnant
गर्भाशय m. garbhAzaya uterus
गर्भाशय m. garbhAzaya womb
गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna fertilization
गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna impregnation
गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna insemination
गर्भस्राव m. garbhasrAva miscarriage
गर्भवध m. garbhavadha abortion
गर्भाधानम् med. garbhAdhAnam conception
गर्भशातन n. garbhazAtana means of abortion
गर्भधारण n. garbhadhAraNa pregnancy
गर्भं गृभ्णाति verb 9 garbhaM gRbhNAti { grah } inseminate
गर्भं ग्राहयति verb caus. garbhaM grAhayati { grah } fecundate
गार्भ adj. gArbha born from a womb
गार्भ adj. gArbha relating to a foetus or to gestation
गर्भ m. garbha calyx
गर्भ m. garbha offspring
गर्भ m. garbha interior of anything
गर्भ m. garbha adytum or sanctuary of a temple
गर्भ m. garbha situation in a drama when the complication of the plot has reached its height
गर्भ m. garbha fire
गर्भ m. garbha joining
गर्भ m. garbha any interior chamber
गर्भ m. garbha sleeping-room
गर्भ m. garbha foetus or embryo
गर्भ m. garbha child
गर्भ m. garbha middle
गर्भ m. garbha bed of a river when fullest i.e. on the fourteenth day of the dark half of the month bhAdra or in the height of the rains
गर्भ m. garbha union
गर्भ m. garbha inner apartment
गर्भ m. garbha offspring of the sky i.e. the fogs and vapour drawn upwards by the rays of the sun during eight months and sent down again in the rainy season
गर्भ m. garbha brood or offspring
गर्भ m. garbha womb
गर्भ m. garbha woman's courses
गर्भ m. garbha inside
गर्भ m. garbha rough coat of the jaka fruit
गर्बति verb garbati { garb } go or move
गर्भद adj. garbhada granting impregnation
गर्भद adj. garbhada procreative
गर्भाद adj. garbhAda consuming the foetus
गर्भादि adj. garbhAdi beginning with conception
गर्भक m. garbhaka period of two nights with the intermediate day
गर्भक m. garbhaka chaplet of flowers worn in the hair
गर्भारि m. garbhAri foetus-enemy
गर्भारि m. garbhAri small cardamoms
गर्भता f. garbhatA sky's state of having offspring
घर्बति verb gharbati { gharb } go
गर्भध adj. garbhadha impregnatory
गर्भधि m. garbhadhi nest
गर्भधि m. garbhadhi breeding-place
गर्भाङ्क m. garbhAGka interlude during an act
गर्भमास् m. garbhamAs month of pregnancy
गर्भमृत् adj. garbhamRt dying in the womb
गर्भण्ड m. garbhaNDa enlargement of the navel
गर्भत्व n. garbhatva impregnation
गर्भचेट m. garbhaceTa servant by birth
गर्भदास m. garbhadAsa slave by birth
गर्भागार n. garbhAgAra sanctuary of a temple
गर्भागार n. garbhAgAra bed-room
गर्भागार n. garbhAgAra inner apartment
गर्भागार n. garbhAgAra lying-in room
गर्भगत m. garbhagata embryo
गर्भगृह adj. garbhagRha house containing anything
गर्भगृह m. garbhagRha sleeping room
गर्भगृह m. garbhagRha inner apartment
गर्भगृह n. garbhagRha sanctuary or adytum of a temple
गर्भगृह n. garbhagRha sleeping-room
गर्भकाल m. garbhakAla time of impregnation
गर्भकाम adj. garbhakAma desirous of impregnation
गर्भकर m. garbhakara producing impregnation
गर्भकर m. garbhakara Lucky bean tree [Putranjiva Roxburghii - Bot.]
गर्भकार m. garbhakAra impregnating
गर्भकोष m. garbhakoSa uterus
गर्भकोष m. garbhakoSa embryo-receptacle
गर्भकोश m. garbhakoza embryo-receptacle
गर्भकोश m. garbhakoza uterus
गर्भनाडी f. garbhanADI umbilical cord
गर्भनाडी f. garbhanADI embryo-artery
गर्भरस adj. garbharasa desirous of impregnation
गर्भरूप m. garbharUpa foetus-like
गर्भरूप m. garbharUpa young man
गर्भरूप m. garbharUpa youth
गर्भरूप n. garbharUpa children
गर्भरूप n. garbharUpa young family
गर्भस्थ adj. garbhastha situated in the womb
गर्भस्थ adj. garbhastha being in the interior of
गर्भयोषा f. garbhayoSA woman pregnant with
गर्भभार m. garbhabhAra weight of the foetus
गर्भच्युत adj. garbhacyuta fallen from the womb