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गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna insemination
गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna fertilization
गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna impregnation
गर्भाधानम् med. garbhAdhAnam conception
गर्भधारण n. garbhadhAraNa pregnancy
गर्भद adj. garbhada procreative
गर्भाद adj. garbhAda consuming the foetus
गर्भद adj. garbhada granting impregnation
गर्भध adj. garbhadha impregnatory
गर्भदास m. garbhadAsa slave by birth
गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna impregnation-rite
गर्भाधान n. garbhAdhAna ceremony performed before conception or after menstruation to ensure conception
गर्भधरा f. garbhadharA bearing a foetus
गर्भधरा f. garbhadharA pregnant
गर्भधारणा f. garbhadhAraNA pregnancy
गर्भधारण n. garbhadhAraNa gestation
गर्भधारित adj. garbhadhArita borne
गर्भधारित adj. garbhadhArita conceived
गर्भधारित adj. garbhadhArita contained in the womb
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