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जनति verb janati { jan } generate
प्रजायते verb 4 prajAyate { pra- jan } generate
विजायते verb vijAyate { vijan } generate
दधाति verb dadhAti { dhA } generate
सम्प्रसाते verb samprasAte { samprasU } generate
आजायते verb AjAyate { A- jan } generate
सम्प्रसूयते verb samprasUyate { samprasU } generate
प्रजायते verb prajAyate { prajan } generate
जनति verb 1 3 10 janati { jan } generate
जनयते verb 1 3 10 janayate { jan } generate
जनयति verb 1 3 10 janayati { jan } generate
जनते verb 1 3 10 janate { jan } generate
जायते verb 2 4 jAyate { jan } generate
समुपजनयति verb caus. samupajanayati { samupajan } generate
आजनयते verb caus. Ajanayate { Ajan } generate
उत्पादयति verb caus. utpAdayati { ud- pad } generate
उपादयति verb caus. upAdayati { utpad } generate
उपजनयति verb caus. upajanayati { upajan } generate
सञ्जनयति verb caus. saJjanayati { saMjan } generate
कृतजन्मन् adj. kRtajanman generated
उत्पादित adj. utpAdita generated
समुपजनित adj. samupajanita generated
अभिप्रसूत adj. abhiprasUta generated
तनूनपात् m. tanUnapAt self-generated
तनूनपात् m. tanUnapAt self-generated
अन्तर्भव adj. antarbhava generated internally
अयोनिज adj. ayonija generated equivocally
अभिप्रजनयति verb caus. abhiprajanayati { abhiprajan } generate for the sake of [acc.]
अलम्प्रजनन adj. alamprajanana able to beget or generate
उत्पाद्यमान adj. utpAdyamAna being produced or generated
जनयितव्य adj. janayitavya to be generated or produced
आसाविन् adj. AsAvin one who is about to generate
सुराभाग m. surAbhAga scum generated while wine making
जनयितृ m. janayitR one Who generates or begets or produces
तृष्णा f. tRSNA generated by vedanA and generating upAdAna
कृमिकर्ण m. kRmikarNa worms or lice generated in the external ear
प्रसूतिवायु m. prasUtivAyu air generated in the womb during the pangs of childbirth
क्षीरकीट m. kSIrakITa insect or animalcule generated by the fermentation of milk
काली f. kAlI worm or animalcule generated in the acetous fermentation of milk
उडुम्बर m. uDumbara kind of worm supposed to be generated in the blood and to produce leprosy
आस्रव m. Asrava influence or action of body and mind and speech in impelling the soul to generate Karma
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