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ग्लह m. glaha stake in playing at dice
ग्लह m. glaha bet
ग्लह m. glaha die
ग्लह m. glaha cast of the dice
ग्लह m. glaha game at dice
ग्लह m. glaha chessman
ग्लह m. glaha person aimed at
ग्लह m. glaha contention
ग्लह m. glaha prize or object fought for in a contest
ग्लह m. glaha dice-box
ग्लहन n. glahana playing at dice
ग्लहते verb glahate { glah } take
ग्लहते verb glahate { glah } win by gambling
ग्लहते verb glahate { glah } gamble
ग्लहते verb glahate { glah } play with anyone at dice for
ग्लहते verb glahate { glah } receive
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