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गोष्ठा f. goSThA place where cows are kept
गोष्ठ m. goSTha meeting-place
गोष्ठ m. goSTha abode for cattle
गोष्ठ m. goSTha water-vessel
गोष्ठ m. goSTha fold for cattle
गोष्ठ m. goSTha ziva
गोष्ठ m. goSTha refuge
गोष्ठ m. goSTha cow-pen
गोष्ठ m. goSTha stable or station of animals
गोष्ठ m. goSTha cow-house
गोष्ठ n. goSTha conversation
गोष्ठ n. goSTha dialogue
गोष्ठ n. goSTha discourse
गोष्ठ n. goSTha kind of dramatic entertainment in one act
गोष्ठ n. goSTha to assemble
गोष्ठ n. goSTha collect
गौष्ठ adj. gauSTha coming from a village goSThI
गोस्तन m. gostana pearl necklace consisting of 4 strings
गोस्तन m. gostana cluster of blossoms
गोस्तन m. gostana cow's dug
गोस्तन m. gostana kind of fort
गोस्तन m. gostana nosegay
गोस्तनी f. gostanI kind of red grape
गोष्ठज m. goSThaja born in a cow-pen
गोष्ठान adj. goSThAna serving as an abode for cows
गोस्थान n. gosthAna station for cattle
गोस्थान n. gosthAna cow-pen
गोष्ठश्व m. goSThazva malicious or censorious person
गोष्ठश्व m. goSThazva one who stays at home and slanders his neighbours
गोष्ठश्व m. goSThazva dog in a cow-pen which barks at every one
गोष्ठचर m. goSThacara kind of hawk
गोष्ठागार n. goSThAgAra house in a cow-pen
गोष्ठगत adj. goSThagata gone into the cow-stall or stable
गोष्ठपति m. goSThapati chief herdsman
गोस्तनाकार adj. gostanAkAra shaped like cow's dug
गोस्तनीसव m. gostanIsava kind of wine
गोष्ठकर्मन् n. goSThakarman rite relating to the cow-stable
गोष्ठकुक्कुट m. goSThakukkuTa kind of crow