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गोचर m. gocara region
गोचर m. gocara scope
गोचर m. gocara span
गोचर m. gocara domain
गोचर m. gocara section
गोचर m. gocara field
गोचर m. gocara range
गोचर m. gocara reach
गोचरव्याहृति f. gocaravyAhRti range expression [computer]
गोचरवाचनिक n. gocaravAcanika range expression [computer]
गोचर adj. gocara perceptible
गोचर adj. gocara attainable for
गोचर adj. gocara being within the range of
गोचर adj. gocara having the meaning of
गोचर m. gocara dwelling-place
गोचर m. gocara field for action
गोचर m. gocara range of the organs of sense
गोचर m. gocara distance of the planets from the lagna and from each other
गोचर m. gocara object of sense
गोचर m. gocara anything perceptible by the senses
गोचर m. gocara range for action
गोचर m. gocara district
गोचर m. gocara the range of the eye
गोचर m. gocara pasture ground for cattle
गोचर m. gocara abode
गोचारक m. gocAraka cowherd
गोचारण n. gocAraNa tending of cows
गोचरता f. gocaratA state of being liable to
गोचरगत adj. gocaragata one who has come within the range of or in connection with
गोचरपीडा f. gocarapIDA inauspicious position of stars within the ecliptic
गोचरयति verb gocarayati { gocaraya } be current
गोचरान्तरगत adj. gocarAntaragata being within the power of
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