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गोदान n. godAna side-burns [Amer.]
गोदान n. godAna muttonchops [facial hair on the sides]
गोदान n. godAna side-hair
गोदान n. godAna side-whiskers [side burns]
गोदान n. godAna gift of a cow
गोधन m. godhana broad-pointed arrow
गोधन n. godhana multitude of cattle
गोधन n. godhana possession of cows
गोधन n. godhana station of cows
गोधन n. godhana herd of cows
गोदानव्रत n. godAnavrata vow taken at the godAna ceremony
गोदानमङ्गल n. godAnamaGgala ceremony performed with the side-hair of a youth of 16 or 18 years
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