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गोकर्ण adj. gokarNa cow-eared
गोकर्णा f. gokarNA female serpent
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa mule
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa ziva as worshipped in gokarNa
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa place of pilgrimage on the Malabar coast
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa cow's ear
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa serpent
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa kind of antelope [ Antilope picta - Zoo. ]
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa span from the tip of the thumb to that of the ring finger
गोकर्ण m. gokarNa ziva
गोकर्णशिथिल adj. gokarNazithila between parties
गोकर्णशिथिल adj. gokarNazithila swinging like a cow-ear
गोकर्णशिथिल adj. gokarNazithila trimming
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