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गोमय adj. gomaya consisting of cattle
गोमय adj. gomaya defiled with cow-dung
गोमय m. gomaya cow-dung
गोमय n. gomaya to smear with
गोमय n. gomaya dung
गोमय n. gomaya bull shit
गोमय n. gomaya often
गोमय n. (m.) gomaya cow dung
गौमय adj. gaumaya coming from cow-dung
गोमयति verb gomayati smear with cow-dung
गोमयमय adj. gomayamaya made of cow-dung
गोमयायते verb gomayAyate { gomayAya } resemble cow-dung
गोमयकार्षी f. gomayakArSI piece of dried cow-dung
गोमयाम्भस् n. gomayAmbhas water with cow-dung
गोमयप्रिय m. gomayapriya broad-leaved turpentine grass [Andropogon Schoenanthus - Bot.]
गोमयप्रिय m. gomayapriya fond of cow-dung
गोमयच्छत्त्र n. gomayacchattra fungus
गोमयच्छत्त्रिका f. gomayacchattrikA fungus
गोमयपायसीयन्यायवत् ind. gomayapAyasIyanyAyavat in the manner of cow-dung and of milky food i.e. very different in nature though having the same origin
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