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ग्राहक adj. grAhaka prone to
ग्राहक m. grAhaka buyer
ग्राहक m. grAhaka customer
ग्राहक n. grAhaka client [computer]
ग्राहकशुल्क n. grAhakazulka subscription
ग्राहकबन्धन n. grAhakabandhana customer relationship management (CRM) [computer]
ग्राहकवितरक n. grAhakavitaraka client-server [computer]
ग्राहकसम्बन्धप्रबन्धन n. grAhakasambandhaprabandhana customer relationship management (CRM) [computer]
ग्राहकसम्बन्धव्यवस्थापन n. grAhakasambandhavyavasthApana customer relationship management (CRM) [computer]
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka perceiving
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka captivating
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka who eclipses
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka one who receives or accepts
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka persuading
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka containing
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka one who seizes
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka one who seizes or takes captive
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka subject
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka perceiver
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka purchaser
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka the taking hold of
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka including
ग्राहक m. grAhaka addressee [receiver]
ग्राहक m. grAhaka four-leaf clover [Marsilea Quadrifolia - Bot]
ग्रहक m. grahaka prisoner
ग्राहक m. grAhaka falcon
ग्राहक m. grAhaka catcher
ग्राहक m. grAhaka hawk
ग्राहकता f. grAhakatA subscription [to magazine, newspaper, etc.]
ग्राहकत्व n. grAhakatva power of perception or comprehension
ग्रहकल्लोल m. grahakallola rAhu
ग्रहकल्लोल m. grahakallola wave of the planets
ग्राहककृकर m. grAhakakRkara partridge used as call-bird
ग्राहकविहङ्ग m. grAhakavihaGga call-bird
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