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ग्रीवा f. grIvA neck
ग्रीवा f. grIvA cervix [Anat.]
कूपी - ग्रीवा f. kUpI - grIvA bottle neck
ग्रीवा f. grIvA nape
ग्रीवा f. grIvA back part of the neck
ग्रीव m. grIva corridor
ग्रीव m. grIva neck of a bottle
ग्रीव m. grIva neck part of the hide of an animal
ग्रीव m. grIva tendon of the trapezium muscle
ग्रीव m. grIva neck
ग्रीवाक्ष m. grIvAkSa having spots in the neck
ग्रीवाबिल n. grIvAbila hollow in the nape of the neck
ग्रीवालिका f. grIvAlikA neck
ग्रीवबद्ध adj. grIvabaddha fastened round the neck
ग्रीवदघ्न adj. grIvadaghna reaching up to the neck
ग्रीवाघण्टा f. grIvAghaNTA bell hanging down from the neck of a horse
ग्रीवच्छिन्न adj. grIvacchinna one whose neck is cut
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