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ग्रह m. graha planet
ग्राह m. grAha seizure [med.]
ग्राहक् m. grAhak client
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka prone to
ग्राहक m. grAhaka buyer
ग्राहक m. grAhaka customer
ग्राहक n. grAhaka client [computer]
ग्रहण n. grahaNa eclipse
ग्रहण n. grahaNa admission
ग्रहण n. grahaNa grasping
अपरि-ग्रह m. apari-graha want of any possession
अपरि-ग्रह m. apari-graha utter destitution
ग्राहकशुल्क n. grAhakazulka subscription
बलेन ग्रहण n. balena grahaNa seize
वलय-ग्रहन n. valaya-grahana annular eclipse
ग्राहकबन्धन n. grAhakabandhana customer relationship management (CRM) [computer]
ग्राहकवितरक n. grAhakavitaraka client-server [computer]
गर्भं ग्राहयति verb caus. garbhaM grAhayati { grah } fecundate
ग्राहकसम्बन्धप्रबन्धन n. grAhakasambandhaprabandhana customer relationship management (CRM) [computer]
ग्राहकसम्बन्धव्यवस्थापन n. grAhakasambandhavyavasthApana customer relationship management (CRM) [computer]
ग्राह adj. grAha seizing
ग्राह adj. grAha receiving
ग्राह adj. grAha catching
ग्रह adj. graha holding
ग्रह adj. graha perceiving
ग्राह adj. grAha holding
ग्राह adj. grAha taking
ग्रह adj. graha recognising
ग्रह adj. graha seizing
ग्रह adj. graha obtaining
ग्रह adj. graha laying hold of
ग्राह m. grAha handle
ग्रह m. graha place of a planet in the fixed zodiac
ग्राह m. grAha disease
ग्राह m. grAha morbid affection
ग्रह m. graha anything seized
ग्रह m. graha stealing
ग्रह m. graha imprisonment
ग्राह m. grAha fiction
ग्राह m. grAha paralysis
ग्राह m. grAha alligator
ग्रह m. graha understanding
ग्राह m. grAha laying hold of
ग्रह m. graha seizure
ग्राह m. grAha prisoner
ग्रह m. graha eclipse
ग्राह m. grAha notion of
ग्रह m. graha apprehension
ग्रह m. graha taking
ग्रह m. graha insisting upon
ग्रह m. graha reception
ग्रह m. graha grasp
ग्रह m. graha choosing
ग्रह m. graha any ladle or vessel employed for taking up a portion of fluid out of a larger vessel
ग्राह m. grAha whim
ग्रह m. graha mentioning
ग्रह m. graha seizure of the sun and moon
ग्रह m. graha rAhu or the dragon's head
ग्रह m. graha effort
ग्रह m. graha number nine
ग्रह m. graha as much as can be taken with a ladle or spoon out of a larger vessel
ग्रह m. graha keeping back
ग्रह m. graha seizer
ग्राह m. grAha grasping
ग्रह m. graha perception
ग्राह m. grAha conception
ग्राह m. grAha any large fish or marine animal
ग्राह m. grAha see nAmagrAha
ग्रह m. graha spoil
ग्रह m. graha house
ग्राह m. grAha rapacious animal living in fresh or sea water
ग्रह m. graha employing
ग्रह m. graha obstructing
ग्रह m. graha beginning of any piece of music
ग्रह m. graha taking up
ग्रह m. graha ladleful
ग्रह m. graha robbing
ग्राह m. grAha see grAhaka
ग्रह m. graha perseverance in
ग्रह m. graha crocodile
ग्रह m. graha any state which proceeds from magical influences and takes possession of the whole man
ग्रह m. graha middle of a bow or that part which is grasped when the bow is used
ग्रह m. graha spoonful
ग्रह m. graha imprisoning
ग्रह m. graha receiving
ग्रह m. graha favour
ग्रह m. graha booty
ग्राह m. grAha rapacious animal living in water [crocodile , shark , serpent , alligator]
ग्रह m. graha tenacity
ग्राहम् adverb grAham so as to seize
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka one who seizes or takes captive
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka subject
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka perceiver
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka purchaser
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka the taking hold of
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka including
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka perceiving
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka captivating
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka who eclipses
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka one who receives or accepts
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