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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
वैयाकरण m. vaiyAkaraNa grammarian
वैयाकरण m. vaiyAkaraNa grammarian
शाब्द m. zAbda grammarian
शाब्दिक m. zAbdika grammarian
वैयाकरणपाश m. vaiyAkaraNapAza bad grammarian
देवनन्दिन् m. devanandin of a grammarian
धर्मकीर्ति m. dharmakIrti of a grammarian
वैयाकरणखसूचि m. vaiyAkaraNakhasUci poor grammarian
केवलवैयाकरण m. kevalavaiyAkaraNa mere grammarian
सुषेण m. suSeNa of a grammarian
वैयाकरणी f. vaiyAkaraNI female grammarian
अभिनववैयाकरण m. abhinavavaiyAkaraNa modern grammarian
शाकटायन m. zAkaTAyana of a modern grammarian
द्रविड m. draviDa of a school of grammarians
प्राञ्च् m. prAJc eastern people or grammarians
पाणिनि m. pANini name of a prominent grammarian
चान्द्र m. cAndra pupil of the grammarian candra on
प्रथमवैयाकरण m. prathamavaiyAkaraNa distinguished or first-rate grammarian
काशकृत्स्न m. kAzakRtsna name of a grammarian and of a philosopher
वैयाकरणहस्तिन् m. vaiyAkaraNahastin elephant given to a grammarian as a reward
वैयाकरणभार्य m. vaiyAkaraNabhArya man who has a female grammarian for a wife
वैयाकरणखसूचि m. vaiyAkaraNakhasUci grammarian who merely pierces the air with a needle
इष्टि f. iSTi name applied to the statement of grammarians who are considered as authoritative
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