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ग्रन्थि m. granthi tumor
ग्रन्थि m. granthi bale
ग्रन्थि m. granthi knot
ग्रन्थि m. granthi node [computer]
सङ्गोलित ग्रन्थि m. saGgolita granthi conglobate gland
ग्रन्थि m. granthi knot tied in the end of a garment for keeping money
ग्रन्थि m. granthi bunch or protuberance of any kind
ग्रन्थि m. granthi joint of a reed or cane
ग्रन्थि m. granthi point of a moustache
ग्रन्थि m. granthi complaint
ग्रन्थि m. granthi joint of the body
ग्रन्थि m. granthi swelling and hardening of the vessels
ग्रन्थि m. granthi crookedness
ग्रन्थि m. granthi knot of a cord
ग्रन्थि m. granthi tie
ग्रन्थि m. granthi difficulty
ग्रन्थि m. granthi knot tied closely and therefore difficult to be undone
ग्रन्थि m. granthi bell
ग्रन्थि m. granthi doubt
ग्रन्थिन् adj. granthin one who reads books
ग्रन्थिन् adj. granthin strung together
ग्रन्थिन् adj. granthin well-read [well read]
ग्रन्थिक m. granthika kind of disease of the outer ear
ग्रन्थिक m. granthika relater
ग्रन्थिक m. granthika kind of plant or substance
ग्रन्थिक m. granthika resin of Guggul tree [Commiphora wightii - Bot.]
ग्रन्थिक m. granthika name assumed by nakula
ग्रन्थिक m. granthika narrator
ग्रन्थिक m.,n. granthika kind of resin
ग्रन्थिक m.,n. granthika fruit of karira tree [Capparis aphylla - Bot.]
ग्रन्थिक n. granthika kind of disease of women
ग्रन्थीक n. granthIka root of long pepper
ग्रन्थिक n. granthika pepper
ग्रन्थिल adj. granthila knotted
ग्रन्थिल adj. granthila knotty
ग्रन्थिल m. granthila kind of perfume
ग्रन्थिल n. granthila green or undried ginger
ग्रन्थिमत् adj. granthimat bound
ग्रन्थिमत् adj. granthimat tied
ग्रन्थिमत् m. granthimat Indian heliotrope [Heliotropium indicum - Bot.]
ग्रन्थिमत् m. granthimat knotty
ग्रन्थित्व n. granthitva becoming knotty
ग्रन्थित्व n. granthitva hardening
ग्रन्थिदला f. granthidalA kind of bulbous root
ग्रन्थिदल m. granthidala kind of perfume
ग्रन्थिदल m. granthidala knotty-leaved
ग्रन्थिहर m. granthihara removing difficulties
ग्रन्थिमूल n. granthimUla bulb-rooted
ग्रन्थिमूल n. granthimUla garlic
ग्रन्थिनिका f. granthinikA kind of bulbous plant
ग्रन्थिदूर्वा f. granthidUrvA kind of dUrvA grass
ग्रन्थिपर्णा f. granthiparNA plant jatukA
ग्रन्थिफल m. granthiphala knotty-fruited
ग्रन्थिफल m. granthiphala myna tree [Vangueria Spinosa - Bot.]
ग्रन्थिफल m. granthiphala wood apple [Feronia Elephantum - Bot.]
ग्रन्थिबन्धम् ind. granthibandham so as to form a knot
ग्रन्थिपर्णक granthiparNaka kind of fragrant plant
ग्रन्थिवज्रक m. granthivajraka kind of steel
ग्रन्थिवीसर्प m. granthivIsarpa kind of erysipelas
ग्रन्थी भवति verb granthI bhavati { granthIbhU } become bulbous
ग्रन्थिबन्धन n. granthibandhana tying a knot
ग्रन्थिबन्धन n. granthibandhana tying together the garments of the bride and bridegroom at the marriage ceremony
ग्रन्थिच्छेदक m. granthicchedaka pickpocket
ग्रन्थिच्छेदक m. granthicchedaka purse-cutter
ग्रन्थिमत्फल m. granthimatphala money jack tree [ Artocarpus Lacucha - Bot. ]
ग्रन्थिमत्फल m. granthimatphala bulb-fruited
ग्रन्थिवीसर्पिन् adj. granthivIsarpin having the granthivIsarpa disease
ग्रन्थिपर्णमय adj. granthiparNamaya made of the perfume thiparNa
ग्रन्थिली भवति verb granthilI bhavati { granthilIbhU } become bulbous
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