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सम्भावना f. sambhAvanA guess
अतिथि m. atithi guest
अनुमानं करोति verb anumAnaM karoti { kR } guess
अतिथ्यः m. pl. atithyaH guests
अतिथिगृह n. atithigRha guesthouse
अतिथी भवति verb atithI bhavati become a guest
अतिथ्यः आगताः सन्ति sent. atithyaH AgatAH santi Guests have come.
मधुपर्क m. madhuparka respectful offering to a guest
इन्द्रलोकेश m. indralokeza guest
प्राशू m. prAzU guest
आगत m. Agata guest
प्राघूर्ण m. prAghUrNa guest
परिषद्य m. pariSadya guest
कुतप m. kutapa guest
आगन्तु m. Agantu guest
प्रघूर्ण m. praghUrNa guest
साङ्गतिक m. sAGgatika guest
आतिथ्य m. Atithya guest
वितर्क m. vitarka guess
अभ्यागत m. abhyAgata guest
गोघ्न m. goghna guest
आगन्तुक m. Agantuka guest
प्राघुण m. prAghuNa guest
आगन्तुक m. Agantuka guest
आगान्तु m. AgAntu guest
प्राहुण m. prAhuNa guest
आवेशिक m. Avezika guest
प्रघुण m. praghuNa guest
गृहागत m. gRhAgata guest
अनुमान n. anumAna guess
ऊहते verb Uhate { Uh } guess
ऊहति verb Uhati { Uh } guess
कुस्मयते verb kusmayate { kusmaya } guess
अनुमायते verb anumAyate { anumA } guess
अभ्यूहति verb abhyUhati { abhyUh } guess
गमति verb 1 gamati { gam } guess
ऊहति verb 1 Uhati { Uh } guess
गच्छति verb 1 gacchati { gam } guess
तर्कयति verb 10 tarkayati { tark } guess
तर्कयति verb 10 tarkayati { tark } guess
गन्ति verb 2 ganti { gam } guess
जगन्ति verb 3 jaganti { gam } guess
ऊहां करोति verb 8 UhAM karoti guess
अनुव्रजति verb anuvrajati { anuvraj } follow [especially a departing guest , as a mark of respect]
उपलब्ध adj. upalabdha guessed
अनुमित ppp. anumita guessed
अवगति f. avagati guessing
अनुमातुम् infin. anumAtum to guess
पथातिथि m. pathAtithi way-guest
पथातिथि m. pathAtithi way-guest
भ्रमरातिथि m. bhramarAtithi bee-guest
भ्रमरातिथि m. bhramarAtithi bee-guest
देशातिथि m. dezAtithi land-guest
अतिथिप्रकोष्ठ m. atithiprakoSTha guest room
देशातिथि m. dezAtithi land-guest
अतिथिवत् ind. atithivat like a guest
नेय adj. neya to be guessed
प्रातरित्वन् m. prAtaritvan morning guest
प्रियातिथि adj. priyAtithi fond of guests
ब्रह्मातिथि m. brahmAtithi Brahma1's guest
अभ्यागत m. abhyAgata uninvited guest
अभ्यागत ppp. abhyAgata come as a guest
अभ्यागत m. abhyAgata guest in general
अतिथिद्वेष m. atithidveSa hatred of guests
अतिथित्व n. atithitva state of a guest
अकल्य adj. akalya not to be guessed
देवातिथि m. devAtithi guest of the gods
आतिथ्य adj. Atithya proper for a guest
निवासयति verb caus. nivAsayati { nivas } receive as a guest
प्रतिवसयति verb caus. prativasayati { prativas } receive as a guest
अतिथिविशेष m. atithivizeSa distinguished guest
अतिथिसेवा f. atithisevA attention to a guest
ऊहा f. UhA guess or supposition
सर्वातिथिव्रत adj. sarvAtithivrata devoted to all guests
षट्पदातिथि m. SaTpadAtithi having bees as guests
अतिथिपति m. atithipati entertainer of a guest
अतिथिग्व m. atithigva to whom guests should go
अतिथिपूजा f. atithipUjA showing honour to a guest
अतिथिपूजन n. atithipUjana showing honour to a guest
भाव्य adj. bhAvya easy to guess or understand
सूर्योढ m. sUryoDha guest who arrives at sunset
तुल्यतर्क m. tulyatarka guess coming near the truth
सनातन m. sanAtana guest of deceased ancestors
अनाहूतोपविष्ट adj. anAhUtopaviSTa seated as an uninvited guest
सर्वातिथि adj. sarvAtithi receiving every one as guest
दिवातिथि m. divAtithi guest coming in the day-time
यमनगरातिथि m. yamanagarAtithi guest in yama's city i.e. dead
अतिथिसत्कार m. atithisatkAra honourable treatment of a guest
अर्घ m. argha respectful reception of a guest
प्राहवनीय adj. prAhavanIya worthy to be received as a guest
परपाकरुचि m. parapAkaruci constant guest at others' tables
अभिसत्करोति verb abhisatkaroti { abhisatkR } receive (a guest) with reverence
वासयते verb caus. vAsayate { vas } receive hospitably or as a guest
वासयति verb caus. vAsayati { vas } receive hospitably or as a guest
मनोजिघ्र adj. manojighra scenting out or guessing thoughts
आतिथेय adj. Atitheya proper for or attentive to a guest
अतिथिदेव adj. atithideva one to whom a guest is as a divinity
विश्वातिथि m. vizvAtithi universal guest i.e. going everywhere
मधुपर्क m. madhuparka ceremony of receiving a guest with it
कृशातिथि adj. kRzAtithi one who keeps his guests short of food
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