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हृद्य adj. hRdya loved
हृद्य adj. hRdya pleasant to the stomach savoury
हृद्य adj. hRdya dainty
हृद्य adj. hRdya inward
हृद्य adj. hRdya being in the heart
हृद्य adj. hRdya pleasing or dear to the heart
हृद्य adj. hRdya grateful
हृद्य adj. hRdya lovely
हृद्य adj. hRdya beloved
हृद्य adj. hRdya proceeding from or produced in the heart
हृद्य adj. hRdya inmost
हृद्य adj. hRdya charming
हृद्य adj. hRdya innermost
हृद्य adj. hRdya pleasant
हृद्य adj. hRdya cherished
हृद्य adj. hRdya internal
हृद्या f. hRdyA particular medicinal root
हृद्य m. hRdya Vedic mantra employed to effect the subjection of an enemy or rival
हृद्य m. hRdya red arsenic
हृद्य m. hRdya wood-apple tree
हृद्य m. hRdya she-goat
हृद्य n. hRdya thick sour milk
हृद्य n. hRdya aromatic bark of cinnamon [Laurus Cassia - Bot.]
हृद्य n. hRdya intoxicating drink made from honey or the blossoms of honey tree [Madhuca longifolia -Bot.]
हृद्य n. hRdya white cumin
हृद्यांशु m. hRdyAMzu moon
हृद्यांशु m. hRdyAMzu pleasant-rayed
हृद्यत्व n. hRdyatva agreeableness
हृद्यत्व n. hRdyatva cordiality
हृद्यत्व n. hRdyatva delightfulness
हृद्यत्व n. hRdyatva heartiness
हृद्यतम adj. hRdyatama most pleasant or dear to the heart
हृद्यतर adj. hRdyatara more pleasant or lovely
हृद्यगन्ध adj. hRdyagandha fragrant
हृद्यगन्ध adj. hRdyagandha smelling sweet
हृद्यगन्धा f. hRdyagandhA royal jasmine [Jasminum grandiflorum - Bot.]
हृद्यगन्ध m. hRdyagandha wood-apple tree [Aegle marmelos - Bot.]
हृद्यगन्ध n. hRdyagandha small cumin
हृद्यगन्ध n. hRdyagandha sochal salt
हृद्यगन्धि m. hRdyagandhi small cumin
हृद्यगन्धक n. hRdyagandhaka kind of salt
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