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हस्ता f. hastA nakSatra hasta
कर m. kara lunar mansion hasta
हस्तत्रयसम्मिते ind. hastatrayasammite at a distance of 3 hastas
इन m. ina lunar mansion called hasta
करभ n. karabha lunar mansion called hasta
हस्त adj. hasta born under the nakSatra hasta
धनु m. dhanu measure of 4 hastas or cubits
अङ्गुल m. aGgula and twenty-four a hasta or cubit
रज्जु f. rajju measure of 8 hastas or 192 inches
हस्तद्वय n. hastadvaya distance of 2 hastas or 48 inches
धनुःशत n. dhanuHzata 100 dhanus or 400 hastas or cubits
धन्वन्तर n. dhanvantara space or distance of a dhanu or 4 hastas
सवितृदैवत n. savitRdaivata constellation hastA or the 13th of the lunar mansions
सवितृद्वत n. savitRdvata constellation hastA or the 13th of the lunar mansions
सुरभूषण n. surabhUSaNa necklace of pearls consisting of 1008 strings and 4 hastas long
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