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हवन n. havana calling
हवन n. havana invocation
हवर्ण m. havarNa omega [greek letter]
हावभाव m. hAvabhAva gesture
हावभावेन adverb hAvabhAvena coquettishly
हव m. hava burnt offering
हव m. hava order
हव m. hava command
हाव m. hAva blandishment
हव m. hava invocation
हाव m. hAva calling
हाव m. hAva alluring
हव m. hava fire or the god of fire
हव m. hava calling
हव m. hava direction
हव m. hava call
हव m. hava sacrifice
हाव m. hAva dalliance
हवस् n. havas call
हवस् n. havas invocation
हावक m. hAvaka summoner
हावक m. hAvaka caller
हावक m. hAvaka one who summons the bride
हावक m. hAvaka attendant on the bridegroom
हावक m. hAvaka institutor of a sacrifice
हावक m. hAvaka hAvin
हावक m. hAvaka hAvanIya
हवल m. havala name of particular high numbers
हवन m. havana god of fire
हवन m. havana fire-receptacle
हवन n. havana sacrifice
हवन n. havana challenging or challenge to battle
हवन n. havana act of offering an oblation with fire
हवन n. havana summons
हवनी f. havanI hole made in the ground for the sacrificial fire which is to receive a burnt-oblation
हवङ्ग m. havaGga eating rice and curds from a metal cup
हवनीय adj. havanIya sacrificial
हवनीय adj. havanIya with fire
हवनीय adj. havanIya to be offered
हावनीय adj. hAvanIya to be caused to sacrifice or to be sacrificed
हवनीय n. havanIya ghee
हवनीय n. havanIya clarified butter
हवनीय n. havanIya anything fit for an oblation
हावयति verb caus. hAvayati { hu } cause to sacrifice or to be sacrificed or to be honoured with sacrifice
हवनायुस् m. havanAyus having the burnt-offering for its life
हवनायुस् m. havanAyus fire
हवनस्यद् adj. havanasyad hastening to an invocation or challenge
हवनश्रुत् adj. havanazrut listening to or hearing invocations
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