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हयारूढ ppp. hayArUDha mounted [horse]
हयारूढ ppp. hayArUDha on horseback
हय adj. haya driving
हय adj. haya urging on
हय f. haya female horse
हय f. haya Indian ginseng [Physalis Flexuosa - Bot.]
हय m. haya proceleusmaticus - metrical foot of four short syllables
हय m. haya domesticated yak [Bos grunniens - Bot.]
हय m. haya mare
हय m. haya zodiacal sign Sagittarius
हय m. haya man of a particular class
हय m. haya palfrey
हय m. haya foot of four short syllables
हय m. haya symbolical expression for the number seven
हय m. haya horse
हय m. haya family of haya
हायक adj. hAyaka giving up
हायक adj. hAyaka abandoning
हायक adj. hAyaka hAyin
हायन adj. hAyana leaving
हायन adj. hAyana lasting a year or returning every year
हायन adj. hAyana quitting
हायन adj. hAyana passing away
हयन m. hayana year
हायन m. hAyana sort of red rice
हायन m. hAyana ray
हायन m. hAyana flame
हायन m.n. hAyana year
हयन n. hayana covered carriage or palanquin
हायनी f. hAyanI year
हयप m. hayapa horse-keeper
हयप m. hayapa groom
हयारि m. hayAri oleander [Nerium oleander - Bot.]
हयारि m. hayAri horses-foe
हायते verb pass. hAyate { hA } made to spring forward
हयति verb hayati { hay } go
हयति verb hayati { hay } move
हयाङ्ग m. hayAGga Sagittarius
हयज्ञ m. hayajJa jockey
हयज्ञ m. hayajJa horses-dealer
हयज्ञ m. hayajJa groom
हयज्ञ m. hayajJa one who understands the points of a horses
हयास्य m. hayAsya viSNu in a particular manifestation
हयास्य m. hayAsya horse-mouthed
हयलाला f. hayalAlA horses' saliva
हयालय m. hayAlaya horse-stable
हयमार m. hayamAra oleander [Nerium oleander - Bot.]
हयमार m. hayamAra horses-killer
हायनक m. hAyanaka kind of red rice
हयानना f. hayAnanA horse-faced
हयारोह n. hayAroha riding
हयारोह n. hayAroha horsemanship
हयशाला f. hayazAlA horse-stable
हयाशना f. hayAzanA sakai frankincense plant [Boswellia Serrata - Bot.]
हयशिशु m. hayazizu young horses
हयशिशु m. hayazizu foal
हयचर्या f. hayacaryA roaming of the sacrificial horses
हयङ्कष m. hayaGkaSa impelling horses
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva horse-necked
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva name of the supposed author of the chAndogya upaniSad and various other writers
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva of a demon
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva name of a rAjarSi
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva name of a wicked king of the videhas
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva name of a demon
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva name of a muni
हयग्रीव m. hayagrIva of a tantra deity
हयहर्तृ m. hayahartR stealer of a horse
हयज्ञान n. hayajJAna knowledge of horses
हयमेध m. hayamedha horses sacrifice
हयमुख n. hayamukha horse's face
हयप्रिया f. hayapriyA poison gooseberry or silver date palm [Physalis Flexuosa or Phoenix Sylvestris]
हयप्रिय m. hayapriya barley
हयप्रिय m. hayapriya dear to horses
हयारूढ m. hayArUDha rider
हयारूढ m. hayArUDha mounted on a horse
हयरूपिन् adj. hayarUpin horse-shape
हयास्यक m. hayAsyaka viSNu in a particular manifestation
हयास्यक m. hayAsyaka horse-mouthed
हयशिक्षा f. hayazikSA hippology
हयशिक्षा f. hayazikSA art of training or managing horses
हयशिरस् adj. hayaziras having a horses's head
हयशिरस् n. hayaziras horses's head
हयशिरस् n. hayaziras particular mythical weapon
हयशीर्ष adj. hayazIrSa having a horse's head
हयशीर्ष m. hayazIrSa viSNu in a particular form
हयच्छटा f. hayacchaTA troop of horses
हयदानव m. hayadAnava dAnava in the form of a horses
हयद्विषत् m. hayadviSat buffalo
हयद्विषत् m. hayadviSat horses-hater
हयगन्धा f. hayagandhA Indian ginseng [Physalis Flexuosa - Bot.]
हयगन्धा f. hayagandhA another plant
हयगन्ध n. hayagandha black salt
हयकर्मन् n. hayakarman practice or knowledge of horses
हयकातरा f. hayakAtarA kind of plant
हयमारक m. hayamAraka oleander [Nerium oleander - Bot.]
हयमारक m. hayamAraka horses-killer
हयमारण m. hayamAraNa holy fig tree [Ficus Religiosa - Bot.]
हयपुच्छ n. hayapuccha a horse's tail
हयशास्त्र n. hayazAstra art of training or managing horses
हयशास्त्र n. hayazAstra hippology
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