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समभ्युच्चय m. samabhyuccaya heaping
उत्किर adj. utkira heaping up
उपोह m. upoha heaping up
निचय m. nicaya heaping up
परिचय m. paricaya heaping up
सञ्चयन n. saJcayana heaping up
उपकरण n. upakaraNa heaping earth
कट्टन n. kaTTana act of heaping
सञ्चिति f. saJciti heaping together
संनिवपन n. saMnivapana heaping together
ऊर्ध्वचित् adj. Urdhvacit heaping or piling up
सङ्कलन n. saGkalana act of heaping together
पुञ्जीकृत्य ind. puJjIkRtya by heaping or collecting
संनिचय m. saMnicaya piling or heaping together
समाचयन n. samAcayana Putting or heaping together
संनिवपनिवाप m. saMnivapanivApa heaping together or mingling
पर्यूहन n. paryUhana sweeping or heaping together
सङ्क्षेपण n. saGkSepaNa throwing or heaping together
समुच्चयन n. samuccayana collecting or heaping together
परिसमूहन n. parisamUhana heaping up or sweeping together
स्थपुटीकरोति verb sthapuTIkaroti { sthapuTIkR } raise by strewing or heaping up
सञ्चयन n. saJcayana act of piling or heaping together
परिस्तर m. paristara strewing round or heaping together
अनुपोप्त adj. anupopta not filled up or covered by heaping up
स्थपुटयति verb sthapuTayati { sthapuTaya } raise or elevate by strewing or heaping
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