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हिंस्र adj. hiMsra hurtful
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra cruel
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra injurious
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra terrible
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra savage
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra mischievous
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra murderous
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra carnivorous
हिंस्र m. hiMsra beast of prey
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra fierce
हिंस्र adj. hiMsra destructive
हिंस्रा f. hiMsrA mischievous woman
हिंस्र m. hiMsra vein
हिंस्र m. hiMsra fat
हिंस्र m. hiMsra man who delights in injuring living creatures
हिंस्र m. hiMsra savage animal
हिंस्र n. hiMsra cruelty
हिंस्रक m. hiMsraka beast of prey
हिंस्रक m. hiMsraka savage animal
हिंस्रपशु m. hiMsrapazu beast of prey
हिंस्रपशु m. hiMsrapazu savage animal
हिंस्रजन्तु m. hiMsrajantu beast of prey
हिंस्रजन्तु m. hiMsrajantu savage animal
हिंस्रात्मता f. hiMsrAtmatA malevolence
हिंस्राहिंस्र n. hiMsrAhiMsra noxiousness and harmlessness
हिंस्रयन्त्र n. hiMsrayantra trap
हिंस्रयन्त्र n. hiMsrayantra implement for injuring or wounding
हिंस्रयन्त्र n. hiMsrayantra mystical text used for injurious purposes
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