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हील n. hIla semen
हील n. hIla semen virile
हिल्ल m. hilla kind of aquatic bird
हीलक m. hIlaka semen
हीलक n. hIlaka semen virile
हीलना f. hIlanA injury
हिते verb hiLate { hID } be angry or wroth
हिते verb caus. hiLate { hID } pull out
हिलति verb hilati dally
हिति verb hiLati { hID } tear
हिलति verb hilati sport amorously
हिति verb hiLati { hID } vex
हिति verb hiLati { hID } make angry
हिलति verb hilati { hil } wanton
हिति verb hiLati { hID } offend
हिलति verb hilati express amorous inclination
हिति verb hiLati { hID } pull
हीलुक n. hIluka kind of rum or spirit distilled from molasses
हिल्लोल m. hillola wave
हिल्लोल m. hillola whim
हिल्लोल m. hillola musical mode of Hindola [Indian classical music]
हिल्लोल m. hillola particular form of sexual union
हिल्लोल m. hillola surge
हिलमोचि f. hilamoci kind of marsh herb [Enhydra fluctuans - Bot. ]
हिलमोची f. hilamocI kind of marsh herb [Enhydra fluctuans - Bot. ]
हिलिहिल adj. hilihila dallying
हिलिहिल adj. hilihila sporting
हिलमोचिका f. hilamocikA kind of marsh herb [Enhydra fluctuans - Bot. ]
हिल्लोलयति verb hillolayati swing or rock or roll about
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