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उक्तम् एव वदति सः sent. uktam eva vadati saH He repeats himself.
स्व इवाचरति sent. sva ivAcarati He acts like himself or his kindred
उत्तररामचरिते भवभूतिः विशिष्यते sent. uttararAmacarite bhavabhUtiH viziSyate In Uttararamacaritam, Bhavabhuti distinguishes himself.
स्वयम् inverb adj svayam himself
स्वयम् indecl. svayam of himself
तनूनपात् m. tanUnapAt son of himself
साक्षाद्धर्म m. sAkSAddharma Justice himself
नन्दीश m. nandIza of ziva himself
दत्तात्मन् adj. dattAtman who gives himself
आखिद adj. Akhida one who draws to himself
आखिदत् adj. Akhidat one who draws to himself
आत्मपराजित adj. AtmaparAjita one who has lost himself
संयत m. saMyata one who controls himself
आत्मयाजिन् adj. AtmayAjin one who sacrifices himself
स्वयंहोतृ m. svayaMhotR one who himself sacrifices
शूरमानिन् adj. zUramAnin one who thinks himself a hero
समुदाचारवत् adj. samudAcAravat one who conducts himself well
सदोद्यम adj. sadodyama one who always exerts himself
उपेत adj. upeta one who has betaken himself to
व्रात्यब्रुव m. vrAtyabruva one who calls himself a vrAtya
वैशारद्य n. vaizAradya Buddha's confidence in himself
सक्तवत् adj. saktavat one who has attached himself to
वेदान्तिब्रुव adj. vedAntibruva one who calls himself a vedAntin
अपचमान adj. apacamAna one who does not cook for himself
अपचमानक adj. apacamAnaka one who does not cook for himself
योगयुज् adj. yogayuj one who has given himself to yoga
यथास्व adj. yathAsva every for himself or in his own way
यथास्वम् ind. yathAsvam every for himself or in his own way
यदृच्छिक m. yadRcchika son who offers himself for adoption
आहर्तृ m. AhartR one who takes for himself or enjoys
उपसत्तृ m. upasattR one who has seated himself near or at
संश्रित adj. saMzrita one who has betaken himself to a place
अभ्यायंसेन्य adj. abhyAyaMsenya one who allows himself to be drawn near
उपास्थित adj. upAsthita one who has devoted himself to rAmAyaNa
विहर्तृ m. vihartR one who rambles about or enjoys himself
स्वायते verb svAyate { svAya } he acts like himself or his own kindred
जितश्रम adj. jitazrama one who has trained himself to bear toil
यमवत् adj. yamavat one who governs himself and his passions
संश्रितवत् adj. saMzritavat one who has joined or united himself with
श्रमवत् adj. zramavat one who has exerted himself or worked hard
द्वारबन्धावरण adj. dvArabandhAvaraNa one who hides himself behind a bolted door
पत्त्रशबर m. pattrazabara zabara who decorates himself with feathers
धारणात्मक adj. dhAraNAtmaka one who easily collects or composes himself
अभिनिवेशयति verb caus. abhinivezayati { abhiniviz } cause any one to devote himself entirely to
प्रत्ययिक adj. pratyayika that of which everybody can convince himself
प्रत्येकबुद्ध m. pratyekabuddha one who attained salvation for himself alone [as opposed to the whole world]
कुधृति adj. kudhRti one who has little or no control over himself
शुचि adj. zuci one who has acquitted himself of or discharged
अवधूत adj. avadhUta off from himself worldly feeling and obligation
आत्मादिष्ट m. AtmAdiSTa treaty dictated by the party wishing it himself
जोटिङ्ग m. joTiGga ascetic who subjects himself to severe penances
योगवत् adj. yogavat one who applies himself to contemplation or yoga
गृहीतमौन adj. gRhItamauna one who has taken upon himself the vow of silence
स्वयमुपागत m. svayamupAgata child who offers himself voluntarily for adoption
स्नानीयोच्छादितस्नात adj. snAnIyocchAditasnAta one who has bathed and rubbed himself with unguents
फाण्ट adj. phANTa one who does not exert himself or takes things easy
यमिन् adj. yamin one who restrains himself or has subdued his senses
स्त्रीबाध्य adj. strIbAdhya one who suffers himself to be distressed by a woman
नारकीट m. nArakITa one who disappoints expectations excited by himself
यन्त्रित adj. yantrita one who takes pains or strenuously exerts himself for
प्रत्यक्चेतन adj. pratyakcetana one whose thoughts are turned inwards or upon himself
उपवेष्टितिन् adj. upaveSTitin one who has wrapped himself round the loins in a cloth
स्वाध्यायिन् m. svAdhyAyin one who recites or repeats any sacred texts to himself
कृतदास m. kRtadAsa one who offers himself as a servant for a certain time
शालीन m. zAlIna one who devotes himself to household or worldly affairs
मध्यमभृतक m. madhyamabhRtaka farm-labourer who works both for his master and himself
घट्टितृ adj. ghaTTitR one who is about to exert himself or to take great pains
उपसम्प्राप्त adj. upasamprApta one who has obtained or experienced or drawn down upon himself
स्वाध्यायायार्थिन् m. svAdhyAyAyArthin one who seeks a maintenance for himself during his studentship
गुप्तावधूत adj. guptAvadhUta one who has secretly shaken off from himself worldly obligation
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka injuring the relatives of an enemy who cannot be injured himself
कृतास्त्र adj. kRtAstra one who has exercised himself in throwing arrows or other weapons
यामहू adj. yAmahU one who allows himself to be invoked by devout approach or prayers
इष्टापूर्तिन् adj. iSTApUrtin one who has performed sacrifices for himself and good works for others
क्रतुविक्रयिन् adj. kratuvikrayin one who sells the possible benefits of a sacrifice performed by himself
प्रत्येकबुद्ध m. pratyekabuddha buddha who lives in seclusion and obtains emancipation for himself only
वागपहारक adj. vAgapahAraka one who appropriates to himself what has been spoken or written by others
निरस्तराग adj. nirastarAga one who has abandoned worldly desires or has devoted himself to religious penance
यक्षवित्त adj. yakSavitta one who has merely the guardianship of property and does not make use of it himself
आग्रहारिक adj. AgrahArika one who appropriates to himself an agra-hAra or an endowment of lands or villages conferred upon Brahmans
सकील m. sakIla one who from sexual weakness causes his wife to have intercourse with another man before cohabiting with her himself
उपनयन n. upanayana that ceremony in which a Guru draws a boy towards himself and initiates him into one of the three twice-born classes
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