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हित n. hita favour
हित n. hita interest
हित n. hita advantage
हित n. hita concerns
हित n. hita profit
निहित हित n. nihita hita vested interest [Econ.]
हित adj. hita arranged
हित adj. hita agreeing with
हित adj. hita set in motion
हित adj. hita laid upon
हित adj. hita salutary
हित adj. hita put
हित adj. hita speeding
हित adj. hita lying or situated or contained in
हित adj. hita fixed
हित adj. hita advantageous
हित adj. hita sent
हित adj. hita scheduled
हित adj. hita urged on
हित adj. hita made ready
हित adj. hita affectionate
हित adj. hita impelled
हित adj. hita beneficial
हित adj. hita constituted or appointed as
हित adj. hita well-disposed
हित adj. hita reckoned among
हित adj. hita given
हित adj. hita planned
हित adj. hita agreeable to or for
हित adj. hita set
हित adj. hita kind
हित adj. hita destined for
हित adj. hita wholesome
हित adj. hita running
हित adj. hita going
हिता f. hitA dike
हिता f. hitA causeway
हित m. hita well-wisher
हित m. hita adviser
हित m. hita friend
हित n. hita welfare
हित n. hita good
हित n. hita anything useful or salutary or suitable or proper
हित n. hita benefit
हित n. hita good advice
हित n. hita goodness
हित n. hita service
हित nm. hita benefactor
हित ppp. hita friendly
हित ppp. hita prepared
हित ppp. hita suitable
हित ppp. hita laid
हित ppp. hita held
हित ppp. hita fit
हित ppp. hita imposed
हित ppp. hita taken
हित ppp. hita agreeable
हित ppp. hita set up
हित ppp. hita assigned to
हित ppp. hita favourable
हित ppp. hita established
हित ppp. hita convenient
हित ppp. hita placed
हितक m. hitaka child
हितक m. hitaka young of any animal
हितवत् adj. hitavat favourable
हितावत् adj. hitAvat one who has put away or hidden his property
हितवत् adj. hitavat useful
हिताहित adj. hitAhita beneficial and disadvantageous
हिताहित adj. hitAhita good and evil
हिताहिता f. hitAhitA name of particular veins [pl.]
हिताहित m. hitAhita good and (or) evil
हितैषिन् adj. hitaiSin desiring another's welfare
हितैषिन् adj. hitaiSin well-wishing
हितैषिन् m. hitaiSin well-wisher
हितकाम adj. hitakAma desirous of benefiting
हितकाम adj. hitakAma wishing well to
हितकर adj. hitakara useful
हितकर adj. hitakara benefactor
हितकर adj. hitakara soothing
हितकर adj. hitakara doing a service
हितकर adj. hitakara favourable
हितकर adj. hitakara furthering the interests of
हितकर adj. hitakara beneficial
हितात्मन् adj. hitAtman quite intent upon the welfare of
हितावली f. hitAvalI particular drug
हितायते verb hitAyate { hitAya } be of use or advantage
हितायते verb hitAyate { hitAya } avail
हितकाम्या f. hitakAmyA desire for another's welfare
हितकरिन् adj. hitakarin soothing
हितमित्र adj. hitamitra having benevolent friends
हितमित्र m. hitamitra benevolent friend
हितप्रणी m. hitapraNI spy
हितप्रणी m. hitapraNI executing what is advantageous
हितार्थम् ind. hitArtham for the sake of another's welfare
हितार्थिन् adj. hitArthin seeking or desiring one's or another's welfare or advantage
हितवादिन् adj. hitavAdin friendly counsellor or adviser
हितवादिन् adj. hitavAdin speaking good counsel or friendly advice
हितवादिन् n. hitavAdin well-wisher
हिताशंसा f. hitAzaMsA congratulation
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