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रिक्त adj. rikta hollowed
सन्तृण्ण adj. santRNNa hollowed out
परिनिम्न adj. parinimna deeply hollowed
प्रसृति f. prasRti palm of the hollowed hand
संहताञ्जलि adj. saMhatAJjali joining the hollowed hands
चुलुक m.n. culuka hand hollowed to hold water
साञ्जलि adj. sAJjali with hands hollowed and joined
करकलश m. karakalaza hand hollowed to receive water
करकोष m. karakoSa hand hollowed to receive water
पुटाञ्जलि m. puTAJjali two hollowed hands put together
हस्ताञ्जलि m. hastAJjali hands joined together and hollowed
करपात्र n. karapAtra hand hollowed so as to hold anything
बद्धाञ्जलिपुट adj. baddhAJjalipuTa forming a cup with the hollowed hands
तोयाञ्जलि m. toyAJjali hollowed hands joined and filled with water
गोफणा f. gophaNA bandage hollowed out to fit the chin or nose
करपुट m. karapuTa hands joined and hollowed to receive anything
प्राञ्जलि adj. prAJjali joining and holding out the hollowed open hands [as a mark of respect and humility or to receive alms]
बद्धाञ्जलि adj. baddhAJjali one who has joined the hollowed palms of the hands
ब्रह्माञ्जलि m. brahmAJjali joining the hollowed hands while repeating the veda
प्राञ्जलीभू prAJjalIbhU stand holding out the joined and hollowed open hands
सेवाञ्जलि m. sevAJjali servant's reverential salutation with hollowed hands
जलाञ्जलि m. jalAJjali hollowed palms filled with water offered to ancestors
प्रणामाञ्जलि m. praNAmAJjali reverential salutation with the hands opened and hollowed
प्रसूनाञ्जलि adj. prasUnAJjali presenting a nosegay held in both hands opened and hollowed
पुष्पाञ्जलि adj. puSpAJjali presenting flower or a nosegay in both hands opened and hollowed
गण्डूष adj. gaNDUSa water held in the hollowed palm of the hand for rinsing the mouth
प्रसृत m. prasRta palm of the hand stretched out and hollowed as if to hold liquids
कृताञ्जलि adj. kRtAJjali one who joins the hollowed palms in reverence or to solicit a favour
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