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इह समये indecl. iha samaye under this circumstances
इह adverb iha here
इह adverb iha in this world
ईहा f. IhA effort
ईहा f. IhA wish
ईहा f. IhA exertion
ईहा f. IhA activity
ईहा f. IhA request
ईहा f. IhA desire
इह ind. iha in this book or system
इह ind. iha in this case
इह ind. iha in this place
इह ind. iha now
इह ind. iha here
इह ind. iha at this time
इह ind. iha to this place
इह indecl. iha in this life
ईह m. Iha attempt
ईहते verb Ihate { Ih } wish
ईहते verb Ihate { Ih } aim at
ईहते verb Ihate { Ih } have in mind
ईहते verb Ihate { Ih } think of
ईहते verb Ihate { Ih } endeavour to obtain
ईहते verb 1 Ihate { Ih } long for
ईहते verb 1 Ihate { Ih } take care of
ईहते verb 1 Ihate { Ih } desire
ईहते verb 1 Ihate { Ih } attempt
ईहति verb Ihati { Ih } endeavour to obtain
ईहति verb Ihati { Ih } have in mind
ईहति verb Ihati { Ih } aim at
ईहति verb Ihati { Ih } think of
ईहति verb Ihati { Ih } long for
ईहति verb Ihati { Ih } take care of
ईहति verb 1 Ihati { Ih } desire
ईहति verb 1 Ihati { Ih } attempt
ईहालिह् adj. IhAlih reading wish
ईहतस् ind. Ihatas diligently
ईहतस् ind. Ihatas energetically
ईहतस् ind. Ihatas by or with labour or exertion
इहत्र ind. ihatra here
इहत्र ind. ihatra in this world
इहत्य adj. ihatya being here
इहागत adj. ihAgata come or arrived hither
इहकाल m. ihakAla this life
इहलोक m. ihaloka this world
इहलोक m. ihaloka this life
इहलोके ind. ihaloke in this world
इहलोके indecl. ihaloke in this life
ईहामृग m. IhAmRga kind of drama
ईहामृग m. IhAmRga wolf
इहार्थ adj. ihArtha useful here
इहस्थ adj. ihastha standing here
इहवास m. ihavAsa life
ईहावृक m. IhAvRka wolf
ईहयति verb caus. Ihayati { Ih } impel
इहचित्त adj. ihacitta one whose intentions or thoughts are in this world or place
इहक्रतु adj. ihakratu one whose intentions or thoughts are in this world or place
इहमनस् adj. ihamanas having the mind turned hither
इहामुत्र ind. ihAmutra here and there
इहामुत्र ind. ihAmutra in this world and in the next
इहार्थम् ind. ihArtham for the sake of this world
ईहार्थिन् adj. IhArthin aiming at any object
ईहार्थिन् adj. IhArthin seeking wealth
इहार्थिन् adj. ihArthin busy in worldly objects
इहसमये ind. ihasamaye here
इहसमये ind. ihasamaye now
इहसमये ind. ihasamaye on the present occasion
इहसमये ind. ihasamaye at such a time as this
इहस्थान adj. ihasthAna one whose place or residence is on the earth
इहस्थाने ind. ihasthAne in this place
इहभोजन adj. ihabhojana whose goods and gifts come hither
इहपञ्चमी f. ihapaJcamI being here the second or fifth woman
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