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इज्य adj. ijya to be revered or honoured
इज्या f. ijyA making offerings to the gods or manes
इज्या f. ijyA sacrifice
इज्य m. ijya deity
इज्य m. ijya reverence
इज्य m. ijya donation
इज्य m. ijya teacher
इज्य m. ijya gift
इज्य m. ijya union
इज्य m. ijya bawd or procuress
इज्य m. ijya god
इज्य m. ijya worship
इज्य m. ijya cow
इज्य m. ijya meeting
इज्यते verb pass. ijyate { yaj } be sacrificed or worshipped
इज्यशील adj. ijyazIla sacrificing frequently
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