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न्यस्त adj. nyasta illustrated
द्योतित adj. dyotita illustrated
निदर्शित adj. nidarzita illustrated
उदाहृत adj. udAhRta illustrated
समुदाहृत adj. samudAhRta illustrated
उपमित adj. upamita illustrated by comparison
उद्देश्य adj. uddezya to be illustrated or explained
विद्योतयितव्य adj. vidyotayitavya to be illustrated or illuminated
द्योतयितव्य adj. dyotayitavya to be illustrated or illuminated
दण्डापूपन्याय m. daNDApUpanyAya method of reasoning in which a self-evident truth is illustrated by saying that a mouse which has eaten a stick is sure to eat a cake