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मनोभव adj. manobhava imaginary
कल्पित adj. kalpita imaginary
काल्पनिक adj. kAlpanika imaginary
भवनासृष्ट adj. bhavanAsRSTa imaginary
मन adj. mana imaginary
मानसिक adj. mAnasika imaginary
ऋषि m. RSi imaginary circle
कल्पितोपमा f. kalpitopamA imaginary comparison
मानिता f. mAnitA imaginary possession of
वन्ध्यापुत्र m. vandhyAputra anything merely imaginary
गन्धर्वनगर n. gandharvanagara imaginary town in the sky
वन्ध्यादुहितृ f. vandhyAduhitR mere chimera or anything merely imaginary
ग्रहणी f. grahaNI imaginary organ supposed to lie between the stomach and the intestines
मैत्र m. maitra man's name much used as the name of an imaginary person in giving examples in gram. and philosophy
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