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अनुकरण n. anukaraNa imitation [reproduction]
फुम्फु आ ind. phumphu A imitation of the sound made by the crackling of a fire
अनुक्रिया f. anukriyA imitation
अनुगति f. anugati imitation
अनुकृति f. anukRti imitation
अन्वाकृति f. anvAkRti imitation
अनुवृत्ति f. anuvRtti imitation
अनुहरणहार m. anuharaNahAra imitation
अनुप्रवेश m. anupraveza imitation
व्याज m. vyAja imitation
अनुहरण n. anuharaNa imitation
अनुकार n. anukAra imitation
अनुकर्मन् n. anukarman imitation
अनुसरण n. anusaraNa imitation
विडम्बन n. viDambana imitation
अनुप्रवेशन n. anupravezana imitation
प्रतिरूपचर्य adj. pratirUpacarya worthy of imitation
शब्दानुकृति f. zabdAnukRti imitation of sounds
प्रतिरूप n. pratirUpa model for imitation
अनुहुङ्करोति verb anuhuGkaroti { anuhuMkR } roar in imitation of
अनुशीलयति verb anuzIlayati { anuzIlaya } practise in imitation
का kA imitation of the cry of the ass
भूरिकृत्रिममाणिक्यमय adj. bhUrikRtrimamANikyamaya consisting of many imitation rubies
रुद्रसावित्री f. rudrasAvitrI particular imitation of the sAvitrI
शब्दानुरूप n. zabdAnurUpa conformity to or imitation of sound
लीला f. lIlA maiden's playful imitation of her lover
अनुकरण n. anukaraNa act of imitation or of following an example
भाण् bhAN imitation of the noise of breathing or hissing
गुम् gum onomatopoeical imitation of the humming of bees
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