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उरसा - व्यध m. urasA - vyadha wide-breasted drilling implement [Mech.]
भाण्डिका f. bhANDikA implement
हेति f. heti implement
उपकरण n. upakaraNa implement
कर्मसाधन n. karmasAdhana implement
आयुध n. Ayudha implement
यन्त्र n. yantra implement
उपभूषण n. upabhUSaNa implement
भण्ड n. bhaNDa implements
रणाङ्ग n. raNAGga war-implement
रणाङ्ग n. raNAGga war-implement
भाण्ड n. bhANDa any implement
परिपालन n. paripAlana implementation
सर्ग m. sarga implement of war
प्राधनिक n. prAdhanika implement of war
युद्धवस्तु n. yuddhavastu implement of war
साङ्ग्रामिकपरिच्छद m. sAGgrAmikaparicchada implements of war
स्मरोपकरण n. smaropakaraNa implement of love
युद्धोपकरण n. yuddhopakaraNa any war implement
अनायुध adj. anAyudha having no implements
कुतपहार m. kutapahAra particular implement
वेदोपयाम m. vedopayAma particular implement
लवाक m. lavAka implement for cutting
लवानक m. lavAnaka implement for cutting
आवापन n. AvApana implement for weaving
लवन n. lavana implement for cutting
यन्त्र n. yantra implement for holding
विघन m. vighana implement for striking
सीताद्रव्य n. sItAdravya implement of husbandry
उपस्कर m. upaskara implement or instrument
वेदिकरण n. vedikaraNa implements used for vedi [sacrificial altar]
स्रुक्सम्मार्जन n. sruksammArjana implement for cleaning it
दन्तधावन n. dantadhAvana dental cleaning implement
मदी f. madI any agricultural implement
क्षोत्तृ m. kSottR any implement for grinding
उत्पवन n. utpavana any implement for cleaning
हुड m. huDa particular implement of war
मन्थनयन्त्रक n. manthanayantraka implement for kindling fire
धमित्र n. dhamitra implement for kindling fire
कूट n. kUTa kind of vessel or implement
सर्वयन्त्रिन् adj. sarvayantrin provided with all implements
सोपकरण adj. sopakaraNa together with the implements
चोद m. coda implement for driving horses
आङ्गिरस m. AGgirasa particular magical implement
द्रु m.n. dru wood or any wooden implement
स्फ्य n. sphya implement used in sacrifices
होमकाष्ठी f. homakASThI implement for blowing on fire
शकट m. zakaTa implement for preparing grain
नमत्र n. namatra implement used by blacksmiths
लम्बक m. lambaka particular implement or vessel
रम्पा f. rampA implement of a worker in leather
लय m. laya particular agricultural implement
नेक्षण n. nekSaNa fork or similar cooking implement
भाण्डावकाशद m. bhANDAvakAzada one who grants room for implements
हिंस्रयन्त्र n. hiMsrayantra implement for injuring or wounding
लिपिसज्जा f. lipisajjA implements or materials for writing
मुद्गर m. mudgara any hammer-like weapon or implement
द्रोणी f. droNI any vessel or implement made of wood
हुल m. hula particular kind of warlike implement
यन्त्रयुक्त adj. yantrayukta furnished with implements or apparatus
विचक्रोपस्करोपस्थ adj. vicakropaskaropastha without wheels and implements and seat
उपयन्त्र n. upayantra minor or secondary instrument or implement
सहस्फ्य adj. sahasphya with the sacrificial implement called sphya
शफ m. zapha wooden implement formed like a claw or hook
स्रुक्पात्र n. srukpAtra ladle sruc and other sacrificial implements
यज्ञोपकरण n. yajJopakaraNa implement useful or necessary for sacrifice
सोपकार adj. sopakAra furnished with necessary means or implements
शृतावदान n. zRtAvadAna wooden implement for distributing the puroDAza
उपकरणवत् adj. upakaraNavat furnished with means or instruments or implements
लीलावज्र n. lIlAvajra implement or instrument shaped like a thunderbolt
सूपस्कर adj. sUpaskara furnished with good implements or a good equipment
अध्यवहनन adj. adhyavahanana serving as an implement on which anything is thrashed
प्रतिलेखना f. pratilekhanA regular cleaning of all implements or objects for daily use
प्रतिलेखन n. pratilekhana regular cleaning of all implements or objects for daily use
सामग्री f. sAmagrI complete collection or assemblage of implements or materials
साधन n. sAdhana any agent or instrument or implement or utensil or apparatus
नैवेशिक n. naivezika any vessel or implement belonging to the furniture of a house
लेष्टुघ्न m. leSTughna harrow or other agricultural implement used for breaking clods
लेष्टुभेदन m. leSTubhedana harrow or other agricultural implement used for breaking clods
असाधन adj. asAdhana destitute of resources or materials or instruments or implements
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