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आनुषङ्गिक adj. AnuSaGgika implied
व्यङ्ग्य adj. vyaGgya implied
ध्वनित adj. dhvanita implied
उपलक्षित adj. upalakSita implied
सूक्ष्मधर्म m. sUkSmadharma subtle law [implied from another]
उपलक्ष्यते verb pass. upalakSyate { upalakS } be implied
ध्वनि m. dhvani implied meaning
व्यञ्जना f. vyaJjanA implied indication
उपादानलक्षणा f. upAdAnalakSaNA implied signification
श्लिष्यते verb pass. zliSyate { zliS } be implied or intimated
ध्वन्यर्थ m. dhvanyartha implied meaning or truth
मानस n. mAnasa tacit or implied consent
श्लेषार्थ adj. zleSArtha having an implied meaning
अन्तर्भवति verb antarbhavati { antarbhU } to be inherent or implied
व्यञ्जकार्थ m. vyaJjakArtha suggested or implied sense
अप्रस्तुतस्तुति f. aprastutastuti implied or indirect expression
अप्रस्तुतप्रशंसा f. aprastutaprazaMsA implied or indirect expression
श्लेषार्थ m. zleSArtha implied or hidden or second meaning
भावगर्हा f. bhAvagarhA censure implied in the notion of a verb
उपलक्षणता f. upalakSaNatA being implied or expressed elliptically
उपलक्षणत्व n. upalakSaNatva being implied or expressed elliptically
अनुकृष्ट adj. anukRSTa included or implied in a subsequent rule
प्रतिबद्ध adj. pratibaddha that which is always connected or implied
उपलक्ष्य adj. upalakSya to be implied or understood by implication
भावकर्तृक adj. bhAvakartRka having for its agent the state implied by it
तद्गुणसंविज्ञान n. tadguNasaMvijJAna in which the qualities implied are perceived along with the thing itself
स्नु f. snu kRdanta affix to roots forming adjectives expressive of an aptitude to do what is implied by the root
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