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असम्भव adj. asambhava impossible
असाध्य adj. asAdhya impossible
असम्भव adj. asambhava impossible
अशक्य adj. azakya impossible
असम्भावनीय adj. asambhAvanIya impossible
अनुपपन्न adj. anupapanna impossible
असह्य adj. asahya impossible
दुःशक adj. duHzaka impossible
दुःसाध्य adj. duHsAdhya impossible
निराशकर adj. nirAzakara making impossible
दुर्घटकल्प adj. durghaTakalpa next to impossible
अशक्यप्राय adj. azakyaprAya next to impossible
खलता f. khalatA anything impossible
अभ्रपुष्प n. abhrapuSpa anything impossible
अम्बरपुष्प n. ambarapuSpa anything impossible
अनाम्य adj. anAmya impossible to be bent
समर्थना f. samarthanA insisting on what is impossible
अविषय m. aviSaya anything impossible or improper
अच्छेद्य adj. acchedya improper or impossible to be cut
अभूतार्थ m. abhUtArtha anything unheard of or impossible
काकदन्त m. kAkadanta anything impossible or not existing
खचित्र n. khacitra anything impossible or not existing
अनवधृष्य adj. anavadhRSya impossible to be put down or injured
असह्य adj. asahya impossible to be seen i.e. invisible
शृङ्ग n. zRGga anything impossible or extra ordinary
अनाव्याध adj. anAvyAdha impossible to be broken or forced open
अनपवाचन adj. anapavAcana impossible to be talked away or wished away
अशक्य adj. azakya impossible to be composed or to be executed
क्षिप्तोत्तर n. kSiptottara answer of which is destroyed or rendered impossible
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