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पाटना f. pATanA incision
कर्षू f. karSU incision
छेद m. cheda incision
शस्त्रपात m. zastrapAta incision
शस्त्रपद n. zastrapada incision
वृक्ण n. vRkNa incision
व्रश्चन n. vrazcana incision
छेदकर adj. chedakara making incisions
परिकर्तन n. parikartana circular incision
विनिर्लिखति verb vinirlikhati { vinirlikh } make incisions in
व्रश्चनप्रभव adj. vrazcanaprabhava flowing from an incision
उल्लिखति verb ullikhati { ullikh } make a scratch or incision
त्रिवलि adj. trivali having 3 folds or incisions
पञ्चवलि adj. paJcavali having 5 folds or incisions
उल्लिखति verb ullikhati { ullikh } make a slit or incision or line
त्रिवलि adj. trivali having three ripples or incisions [on the body]
आव्याध m. AvyAdha act of piercing or making an incision
प्रच्छ्यति verb pracchyati { praccho } bleed by making incisions in the skin
व्रश्चन adj. vrazcana juice flowing from an incision in a tree
सर्वतोभद्रक m. sarvatobhadraka fourfold incision in the anus for fistula
भेद्यरोग m. bhedyaroga any disease treated by incision or cutting
विलेखन n. vilekhana act of making an incision or mark or furrow
घुणाक्षर n. ghuNAkSara incision in wood caused by an insect and resembling somewhat the form of a letter
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