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अन्तर्वसत् adj. antarvasat included
उपलक्षित adj. upalakSita included
अभिव्याप्त adj. abhivyApta included
उपादेय adj. upAdeya included
अन्तर्भावित adj. antarbhAvita included
आधेय adj. Adheya included
अन्तर्वर्तिन् adj. antarvartin included
प्रतिसंहृत adj. pratisaMhRta included
अन्तर्भूत adj. antarbhUta included in
अन्तःपातिन् adj. antaHpAtin included in
अन्तर्गतगामिन् adj. antargatagAmin included in
अभ्यन्तर adj. abhyantara included in
अन्तःपातित adj. antaHpAtita included in
अन्तर्गत adj. antargata included in
अन्तर्गच्छति verb 1 P antargacchati { antar- gam } be included
अभिव्याप्य adj. abhivyApya to be included
उपादेय adj. upAdeya to be included
सत्तावाप्य adj. sattAvApya included in existence
उम्भित adj. umbhita included or contained in
गणीभूत adj. gaNIbhUta included in any class or troop
व्याप्त adj. vyApta comprehended or included under
वर्ग m. varga everything included under a sphere
वर्ग m. varga everything included under a category
क्षत्रमात्र n. kSatramAtra anything included by the term kSatra
अनुकृष्ट adj. anukRSTa included or implied in a subsequent rule
आन्तर्गणिक adj. AntargaNika included or comprehended in a class or troop
पाञ्चयज्ञिक adj. pAJcayajJika relating to or included in the 5 great religious acts
व्याप्यमान adj. vyApyamAna being pervaded or permeated or comprehended or included
त्रिपाद m. tripAda asterism of which three-fourths are included under one zodiacal sign
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