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पर्यायिन् adj. paryAyin including
ग्राहक adj. grAhaka including
ग्रहणक adj. grahaNaka including
अभिव्यापक adj. abhivyApaka including
उपादाय ind. upAdAya including
ग्रहण n. grahaNa including
उपादान n. upAdAna including
पर्यवसान n. paryavasAna including
परावर adj. parAvara all-including
परावर adj. parAvara all-including
अपरिग्रह m. aparigraha not including
आदधीचि ind. AdadhIci including dadhIci
आशरीरम् ind. AzarIram including the body
सहस्रवृत् adj. sahasravRt including thousands
अर्णोवृत् adj. arNovRt including the waters
सर्वगन्धमय adj. sarvagandhamaya including all perfumes
सभूमि adj. sabhUmi including landed property
आब्रह्म ind. Abrahma up to or including brahman
समारक adj. samAraka including the world of mAra
आबालम् ind. AbAlam down to or including children
सकलेवर adj. sakalevara possessing or including bodies
ब्रह्मण्वत् adj. brahmaNvat including or representing the Brahmans
आबालवृद्ध m. AbAlavRddha humans including new born through very old
गण्ड m. gaNDa whole side of the face including the temple
आनुषङ्गिक adj. AnuSaGgika including or agreeing with words not comprised in the sentence
लृट् lRT second future or simple future tense - Indefinite futurity, including today [gramm. - Sanskrit]
ग्रामयाजक adj. grAmayAjaka offering sacrifices or conducting the ceremonies for every member of a community including unworthy persons
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