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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
तत्त्वतस् tattvatas indeed
वस्तुतस् adverb vastutas indeed
नूनम् indecl. nUnam indeed
सत्यम् एव sent. satyam eva indeed
कथम् स्विद् indecl. katham svid how indeed?
घर्मो घर्मः sent. gharmo gharmaH Very hot indeed.
शैत्यं अहो शैत्यं! sent. zaityaM aho zaityaM! It is very cold indeed.
समीचीना सूचना expr. samIcInA sUcanA A good suggestion indeed.
जातस्य हि ध्रुवो मृत्युः sent. jAtasya hi dhruvo mRtyuH what is born is indeed subject to death
ननु adverb nanu indeed
स्विद् adverb svid indeed
अवश्यम् adverb avazyam indeed
कामम् adverb kAmam indeed
वस्तुतः adverb vastutaH indeed
वा adverb vA indeed
चिद् adverb cid indeed
त्मना adverb tmanA indeed
सत्यम् adverb satyam indeed
हि emph. adve hi indeed
नु emph. part nu indeed
encl. part ha indeed
नाम ind. nAma indeed
अङ्ग ind. aGga indeed
भल ind. bhala indeed
न्वै ind. nvai indeed
अह ind. aha indeed
वाव ind. vAva indeed
किल ind. kila indeed
इद् ind. id indeed
वेद्यया ind. vedyayA indeed
त्यद् ind. tyad indeed
प्रकामम् ind. prakAmam indeed
द्विता ind. dvitA indeed
अना ind. anA indeed
प्रकामतस् ind. prakAmatas indeed
इव ind. iva indeed
एव indecl. eva indeed
बाढम् indecl. bADham indeed
खलु indecl. khalu indeed
प्रकाम m. prakAma indeed
ऋत n. Rta indeed
साधु n. sAdhu indeed
तावत् phrase tAvat indeed
नेद् adverb ned not indeed
इतिह ind. itiha thus indeed
स्म ind. sma and later to indeed
इद् indecl. id expression of excess or exclusion when added words [e.g. vizva it = everyone indeed]
एव indecl. eva indeed (strengthening the idea expressed by any word)