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अनायत्तवृत्तिता f. anAyattavRttitA independence
स्वतन्त्र n. svatantra independence
स्वातन्य n. svAtanya independence
दत्तांशनिरालम्बनता f. dattAMzanirAlambanatA data independence [computer]
दत्तांशनैरपेक्ष्य n. dattAMzanairapekSya data independence [computer]
उपकरणनिरालम्बता f. upakaraNanirAlambatA device independence [computer]
स्वधुर् adj. svadhur independence
निरपेक्षा f. nirapekSA independence
निरपेक्षता f. nirapekSatA independence
स्वतन्त्रता f. svatantratA independence
स्वैरता f. svairatA independence
स्वैरिता f. svairitA independence
अवसर्ग m. avasarga independence
स्वैराचार m. svairAcAra independence
पराग m. parAga independence
विग्रह m. vigraha independence
अनवलम्बन n. anavalambana independence
स्वातन्त्र्य n. svAtantrya independence
स्वाच्छन्द्य n. svAcchandya independence
अभौजिष्य n. abhaujiSya independence
निरपेक्षत्व n. nirapekSatva independence
स्वत्व n. svatva independence
स्वाधीनता f. svAdhInatA independence
नैरपेक्ष्य n. nairapekSya complete independence
स्वतन्त्र n. svatantra particular doctrine of free-will or independence
तत्पुरुष m. tatpuruSa class of compounds in which the last member is qualified by the first without losing its grammatical independence
उपसर्जन n. upasarjana any word which by composition or derivation loses its original independence while it also determines the sense of another word
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