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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
एकैकं निर्दिशन् phrase ekaikaM nirdizan indicating one by one
लक्षक adj. lakSaka indicating
निदर्शन adj. nidarzana indicating
व्यपदेशक adj. vyapadezaka indicating
वचन adj. vacana indicating
बोधक adj. bodhaka indicating
प्रदर्शक adj. pradarzaka indicating
व्यपदेशिन् adj. vyapadezin indicating
उपसूचक adj. upasUcaka indicating
सूचक adj. sUcaka indicating
प्रदर्शिन् adj. pradarzin indicating
व्यञ्जन adj. vyaJjana indicating
प्रकाशक adj. prakAzaka indicating
व्यञ्जक adj. vyaJjaka indicating
सूच adj. sUca indicating
निर्देशक adj. nirdezaka indicating
लक्षन adj. lakSana indicating
सूचन adj. sUcana indicating
निर्व्यञ्जक adj. nirvyaJjaka indicating
उपदिश्य ind. upadizya indicating
निर्देश m. nirdeza indicating
बोधन n. bodhana indicating
अभिप्रदर्शन n. abhipradarzana indicating
शुभसूचनी f. zubhasUcanI indicating good
मानवर्धन adj. mAnavardhana indicating respect
संसूचक adj. saMsUcaka indicating plainly
शकुन adj. zakuna indicating good luck
माङ्गलिक adj. mAGgalika indicating good fortune
अनिष्टाशंसिन् adj. aniSTAzaMsin indicating or boding evil
व्यञ्जक adj. vyaJjaka indicating by implication
संसूचन n. saMsUcana act of indicating or betraying
अर्थोपक्षेपक adj. arthopakSepaka indicating or suggesting a matter
अर्थोपक्षेपण n. arthopakSepaNa suggesting or indicating a matter
माङ्गल्य adj. mAGgalya conferring or indicating happiness
शृङ्गारचेष्टा f. zRGgAraceSTA any outward action indicating love
शृङ्गारचेष्टित n. zRGgAraceSTita any outward action indicating love
नैवासिक adj. naivAsika indicating a dwelling-place or abode
मार्ग m. mArga indicating how anything is to take place
व्यतीपात m. vyatIpAta great calamity or any portent indicating it
वृत्त्यर्थबोधक adj. vRttyarthabodhaka indicating the meaning of a complex formation
अनुभावन n. anubhAvana act of indicating feelings by sign or gesture
राजलक्षण n. rAjalakSaNa any mark on the body indicating a future kind
निमित्तसप्तमी f. nimittasaptamI seventh case indicating the cause or motive on
यामघोष f. yAmaghoSa drum or gong used for indicating hours at night by striking
काकपद n. kAkapada particular flourish of the pen indicating an oft-recurring word
इङ्गित n. iGgita motion of various parts of the body as indicating the intentions
सूर्यकालानल n. sUryakAlAnala kind of astrological diagram for indicating good and bad fortune
सूर्यकालानलचक्र n. sUryakAlAnalacakra kind of astrological diagram for indicating good and bad fortune
पद्मरेखा f. padmarekhA line in the palm of the hand indicating the acquisition of great wealth
सविशेष n. savizeSa number indicating the proportion of the diagonal of a square to its side
विधिलिङ् vidhiliG potential mood - indicating attitudes of the speaker such as vidhi (duty) [gramm. - Sanskrit]
पतिघ्नीपाणिलेखा f. patighnIpANilekhA line on the hand indicating that a woman will be faithless to her husband
उल्का f. ulkA one of the eight principal dazAs or aspect of planets indicating the fate of men
बीजोप्तिचक्र n. bIjopticakra kind of astrological diagram for indicating good or bad luck following on the sowing of seed
सूर्यफणिचक्र n. sUryaphaNicakra kind of astrological diagram for indicating auspicious and in auspicious moments for doing anything
विधिलिङ् vidhiliG optative mood indicating attitudes of the speaker such as, vidhi (duty), nimantraNam (invitation), AmantraNam (permission), adhISTa (attend honorary office), samprazna (courteous enquiry), prArthanA (prayer) and others [gramm. - Sanskrit]