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लक्षण n. lakSaNa indication
निदर्शन n. nidarzana indication
सूचन n. sUcana indication
पूर्वचिह्न n. pUrvacihna indication
अभिनय m. abhinaya acting [indication of a passion or purpose by look & gesture]
लक्षणा f. lakSaNA indication
सूचना f. sUcanA indication
प्रदर्शना f. pradarzanA indication
प्रदिश् f. pradiz indication
सूचा f. sUcA indication
समय m. samaya indication
सङ्केत m. saGketa indication
प्रदेश m. pradeza indication
उपप्रदर्शण n. upapradarzaNa indication
निमित्त n. nimitta indication
अनुसूचन n. anusUcana indication
व्यञ्जन n. vyaJjana indication
देष्ट्र n. deSTra indication
इङ्गित n. iGgita indication
व्यञ्जना f. vyaJjanA implied indication
अनूद्देश m. anUddeza subsequent indication
अनुभाव m. anubhAva indication of a feeling [by gesture]
दिङ्मात्र n. diGmAtra mere direction or indication
उत्तरलक्षण n. uttaralakSaNa indication of an actual reply
करर्द्धि f. kararddhi indication of luck by the hand
उपसर्ग m. upasarga indication or symptom of death
व्यञ्जक m. vyaJjaka indication of passion or feeling
लक्षण n. lakSaNa symptom or indication of disease
समुत्थान n. samutthAna indication or symptom of disease
इङ्ग m. iGga indication of sentiment by gesture
पूर्वरूप n. pUrvarUpa indication of something approaching
पूर्वलक्षण n. pUrvalakSaNa indication of anything about to occur
गुणलक्षण n. guNalakSaNa mark or indication of internal property
अनुभाव m. anubhAva sign or indication of a feeling by look or gesture
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