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अनुमिति f. anumiti inference [computer]
अनुमान n. anumAna inference
अनुमितिनियम m. anumitiniyama inference rule [computer]
अनुमितिसाधक n. anumitisAdhaka inference engine [computer]
अनुमितिसाधकयन्त्र n. anumitisAdhakayantra inference engine [computer]
अनुमितियन्त्र n. anumitiyantra inference engine [computer]
सादृश्यानुमान n. sAdRzyAnumAna analogc inference
विस्तारि अनुमान n. vistAri anumAna ampliative inference [logic]
प्रसक्ति f. prasakti inference
अभ्यूह m. abhyUha inference
परामर्श m. parAmarza inference [logic]
निर्णय m. nirNaya inference
ऊह m. Uha inference
अवनिश्चय m. avanizcaya inference
अतिदेश m. atideza inference
उन्नय m. unnaya inference
समुन्नय m. samunnaya inference
उन्नयन n. unnayana inference
अध्याहरण n. adhyAharaNa inference
लिङ्ग n. liGga inference
तुल्यानुमान n. tulyAnumAna like inference
शुद्धानुमान n. zuddhAnumAna correct inference
अनुमातृ adj. anumAtR drawing inferences
आनुमानिक adj. AnumAnika subject to inference
अनुमापक adj. anumApaka causing an inference
प्रमिति f. pramiti inference or analogy
उन्नयते verb unnayate { unnI } discover by inference
उन्नयति verb unnayati { unnI } discover by inference
उन्नयति verb 1 unnayati { ud- nI } discover by inference
आनुमानिक adj. AnumAnika derived from inference
आनुमानिक adj. AnumAnika derived from inference
हेतु m. hetu reason for an inference
स्वार्थानुमान n. svArthAnumAna inference for one's self
अर्थापत्ति f. arthApatti inference from circumstances
उपचारच्छल n. upacAracchala kind of fallacious inference
निर्णयोपमा f. nirNayopamA comparison based upon an inference
व्याप्य n. vyApya sign or middle term of an inference
सामान्यतोदृष्ट n. sAmAnyatodRSTa particular kind of induction or inference
सानुमान adj. sAnumAna dependent on or associated with an inference
न्याय m. nyAya logical or syllogistic argument or inference
लिङ्गपरामर्श m. liGgaparAmarza inference drawn from an invariable sign or characteristic
अर्थापत्तिसम f.n. arthApattisama inference by which the quality of any object is attributed to another object because of their sharing some other quality in common [phil.]
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