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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
पृच्छा f. pRcchA inquiry
प्रश्न m. prazna inquiry
मर्शन n. marzana inquiry
सङ्गणना अनुसन्धान n. saGgaNanA anusandhAna census inquiry
अन्वीक्षा f. anvIkSA inquiry
चर्चा f. carcA inquiry
तर्का f. tarkA inquiry
विचिकित्सा f. vicikitsA inquiry
पर्येष्टि f. paryeSTi inquiry
परिपृच्छा f. paripRcchA inquiry
परीष्टि f. parISTi inquiry
तर्क m. tarka inquiry
व्यवहार m. vyavahAra inquiry
निश्चय m. nizcaya inquiry
सम्प्रश्न m. samprazna inquiry
संवीक्षण n. saMvIkSaNa inquiry
पृष्ट n. pRSTa inquiry
मार्गण n. mArgaNa inquiry
पर्येषण n. paryeSaNa inquiry
अनुसन्धान n. anusandhAna inquiry
वीचयन n. vIcayana inquiry
अन्वीक्षण n. anvIkSaNa inquiry
प्रच्छन n.f. pracchana inquiry
प्रियप्रश्न m. priyaprazna kind inquiry
विजिज्ञासा f. vijijJAsA inquiry about
प्रश्न m. prazna inquiry after
परिप्रश्न m. pariprazna inquiry about
तर्काट m. tarkATa inquiry-walker
तर्काट m. tarkATa inquiry-walker
तर्काट m. tarkATa inquiry-walker
तर्काट m. tarkATa inquiry-walker
तर्काट m. tarkATa inquiry-walker
कौशली f. kauzalI friendly inquiry
सम्प्रश्न m. samprazna courteous inquiry
प्रश्न m. prazna subject of inquiry
धर्मपरिक्षा f. dharmaparikSA inquiry into the law
धर्मञिज्ञासा f. dharmaJijJAsA inquiry into the law
धर्मप्रश्न m. dharmaprazna inquiry into the law
सुखप्रश्न m. sukhaprazna inquiry as to welfare
पृच्छा f. pRcchA inquiry into the future
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya inquiry into the future
अनुसन्धेय adj. anusandheya worthy of inquiry or scrutiny
प्रश्न m. prazna judicial inquiry or examination
शारीरकमीमांसा f. zArIrakamImAMsA inquiry into the embodied spirit
प्रश्न m. prazna astrological inquiry into the future
मार्गण n. mArgaNa affectionate solicitation or inquiry
पृष्टप्रतिवचन n. pRSTaprativacana act of answering a question or inquiry
कौतोमत n. kautomata inquiry as to the origin of an opinion
स्विद् adverb svid particle of interrogation or inquiry or doubt
पर्यनुयोग m. paryanuyoga inquiry with the object of refuting a statement
व्रतमीमांसा f. vratamImAMsA inquiry into or discussion about religious observances
तर्कज्ञान n. tarkajJAna knowledge obtained by reasoning or philosophical inquiry
अयि ind. ayi a particle of encouragement or introducing a kind inquiry
कुल्य n. kulya friendly inquiry after family affairs or domestic accidents
पृष्टभिधायिन् adj. pRSTabhidhAyin answering when asked i.e. not puzzled how to answer an inquiry
पूर्वमीमांसा f. pUrvamImAMsA inquiry into or interpretation of the first or mantra portion of the veda