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कीट m. kITa insect
झिल्लीक m. jhillIka cricket [Zool. insect]
येवाष m. yevASa noxious insect
कीटाः सस्यम् बाधन्ते sent. kITAH sasyam bAdhante insects spoil the crop
शलभ m. zalabha moth [insect that is attracted by light]
कीटी f. kITI insect
कुमारिका f. kumArikA insect
कीटक m. kITaka insect
कृमि m. kRmi insect
कुन्त m. kunta insect
क्रिमि m. krimi insect
षट्पद m. SaTpada insect
कोटिक m. koTika insect
कोटिर m. koTira insect
तण्डुरीण m. taNDurINa insect
किन्तनु m. kintanu insect
जन्तु m. jantu insects
शलभ m. zalabha cricket [insect]
तल्पकीट m. talpakITa bed insect
लोमकीट m. lomakITa hair-insect
लोमकीट m. lomakITa hair-insect
जलमक्षिका f. jalamakSikA water-insect
जलमक्षिका f. jalamakSikA water-insect
सौक्ष्मक m. saukSmaka small insect
प्रभाकीट m. prabhAkITa light-insect
प्रभाकीट m. prabhAkITa light-insect
मधुकेशट m. madhukezaTa honey-insect
मधुकेशट m. madhukezaTa honey-insect
सूक्ष्मषट्चरण m. sUkSmaSaTcaraNa minute insect
पुष्पकीट m. puSpakITa flower-insect
पुष्पकीट m. puSpakITa flower-insect
षड्विन्ध्या f. SaDvindhyA kind of insect
दंशनाशिनी f. daMzanAzinI kind of insect
खर्जु f. kharju kind of insect
खर्जू f. kharjU kind of insect
कर्णसूचि f. karNasUci kind of insect
शलुन m. zaluna kind of insect
षड्बिन्दु m. SaDbindu kind of insect
द्योतिरिङ्गण m. dyotiriGgaNa shining insect
उपादिक m. upAdika kind of insect
अग्निरजस् m. agnirajas scarlet insect
अग्निरज m. agniraja scarlet insect
क्षारकीट m. kSArakITa kind of insect
जन्तुरस m. janturasa insect-essence
जन्तुरस m. janturasa insect-essence
प्रलून m. pralUna kind of insect
शकुन्त m. zakunta sort of insect
जन्तुरस m. janturasa insect-essence
पाटलकीत m. pATalakIta kind of insect
एजत्क m. ejatka kind of insect
वेदमुख्य m. vedamukhya sort of insect
पूतिकिट m. pUtikiTa kind of insect
हलगोलक m. halagolaka kind of insect
वज्रकीट m. vajrakITa kind of insect
अग्निप्रभा f. agniprabhA venomous insect
माचिका f. mAcikA insect or a fly
दंश m. daMza stinging insect
पूतिकिट m. pUtikiTa stinking insect
सूचीक m. sUcIka stinging insect
कीटघ्न m. kITaghna killing insects
कुषुम्भक m. kuSumbhaka venomous insect
शूरकीट m. zUrakITa insect-like hero
शक्रगोप m. zakragopa cochineal insect
शूरकीट m. zUrakITa insect-like hero
शक्रगोपक m. zakragopaka cochineal insect
धुन्धुमार m. dhundhumAra cochineal insect
अपराजित m. aparAjita poisonous insect
शूरकीट m. zUrakITa insect-like hero
पतङ्ग adj. pataGga any flying insect
उत्पादिका f. utpAdikA species of insect
दिवी f. divI species of insect
गोलिका f. golikA particular insect
शूका f. zUkA particular insect
मण्डलपुच्छक m. maNDalapucchaka species of insect
उत्तिङ्ग m. uttiGga particular insect
उत्तिङ्ग m. uttiGga species of insect
शूका f. zUkA sting of an insect
कीटज n. kITaja coming from insects
रक्तवर्ण adj. raktavarNa the cochineal insect
कम्बल m. kambala small worm or insect
किण m. kiNa insect found in wood
कैट adj. kaiTa coming from an insect
अपचित् f. apacit noxious flying insect
खग m. khaga any air-moving insect
नीलमीलिक m. nIlamIlika shining winged insect
खज्योतिस् m. khajyotis shining flying insect
भद्रपीठ n. bhadrapITha kind of winged insect
कुषुम्भ m. kuSumbha venom-bag of an insect
कृष्णगोधा f. kRSNagodhA kind of venomous insect
सर्वश्वेता f. sarvazvetA kind of venomous insect
कृमिसरारी f. kRmisarArI kind of venomous insect
मयूरिका f. mayUrikA kind of venomous insect
कृष्णा f. kRSNA kind of venomous insect
श्वेतकृष्णा f. zvetakRSNA kind of venomous insect
कषायवासिक m. kaSAyavAsika kind of venomous insect
शाद्वलाभ m. zAdvalAbha particular green insect
क्लीत m. klIta kind of venomous insect
हस्तिकक्ष m. hastikakSa kind of venomous insect
आवर्तक m. Avartaka kind of venomous insect
कुम्भीनस m. kumbhInasa kind of venomous insect
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