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अवियोज्य उपलक्षण n. aviyojya upalakSaNa inseparable accident
अच्छिन्न adj. acchinna inseparable
समवायसम्बन्ध m. samavAyasambandha inseparable relation
समवाय m. samavAya { nitya-sambandha } inseparable concomitance [philosophy]
समवायिकारण n. samavAyikAraNa inseparable or inherent connection
समवायसम्बन्ध m. samavAyasambandha connection by inseparable inherence
अप्रकृति f. aprakRti not an inherent or inseparable property
अनुबन्ध m. anubandha inseparable adjunct or sign of anything
adverb sa an inseparable prefix expressing junction
adverb sa an inseparable prefix expressing junction
व्याप्ति f. vyApti inherent and inseparable presence of any one thing in another
अयुतसिद्धि f. ayutasiddhi establishing by proof that certain objects or ideas are essentially united and logically inseparable
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