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अनर्थक adj. anarthaka insignificant
नगण्य adj. nagaNya insignificant
अल्पप्रभाव adj. alpaprabhAva insignificant
लघु adj. laghu insignificant
अनुपपन्न ppp. anupapanna insignificant
लघुसार adj. laghusAra insignificant
निघृष्व adj. nighRSva insignificant
अविपुल adj. avipula insignificant
प्रतनु adj. pratanu insignificant
कदर्य adj. kadarya insignificant
अणक adj. aNaka insignificant
सामान्य adj. sAmAnya insignificant
निःसत्त्व adj. niHsattva insignificant
सूक्ष्म adj. sUkSma insignificant
तुच्छ adj. tuccha insignificant
निराकार adj. nirAkAra insignificant
यावन्मात्र adj. yAvanmAtra insignificant
क्षुद्र adj. kSudra insignificant
ह्रस्व adj. hrasva insignificant
निर्लक्षण adj. nirlakSaNa insignificant
याव्य adj. yAvya insignificant
अकिञ्चिद् adj. akiJcid insignificant
लघुक adj. laghuka insignificant
नीच adj. nIca insignificant
फल्गु adj. phalgu insignificant
अलघीयस् adj. alaghIyas not insignificant
स्वल्पतर adj. svalpatara very insignificant
प्रत्यवर adj. pratyavara more insignificant
उदरकृमि m. udarakRmi insignificant person
अजन m. ajana insignificant person
उदरक्रिमि m. udarakrimi insignificant person
नदीन adj. nadIna not small or insignificant
अलक्ष्य adj. alakSya insignificant in appearance
आल adj. Ala not little or insignificant
कनीयस् adj. kanIyas very small or insignificant
स्वल्पतर adj. svalpatara very insignificant or unimportant
उपरूप n. uparUpa inferior or insignificant symptom
सामान्यतर adj. sAmAnyatara very common-place or insignificant
अणकीय adj. aNakIya connected with what is insignificant
अलक्ष्यजन्मता f. alakSyajanmatA being of insignificant birth or origin
मोघायते verb moghAyate { moghAya } become vain or useless or insignificant
प्रतनुकम् ind. pratanukam thin or weak or delicate or insignificant
अल्पेशाख्य adj. alpezAkhya named after an insignificant chief or master
ऋषिश्राद्ध n. RSizrAddha figurative expression for insignificant acts which are preceded by great preparations
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