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वस्तुशोधन n. vastuzodhana truck [payment of wages in goods instead of cash]
तत्स्थाने ind. tatsthAne instead
स्थाने prep. loc. sthAne instead of
लोके prep. loc. loke instead of
प्रतिक्षेत्रे ind. pratikSetre instead of
अधि ind. adhi instead of
लोहितोद adj. lohitoda having blood instead of water
प्रतिप्रयुङ्क्ते verb pratiprayuGkte { pratiprayuj } add instead of something else
प्रतिप्रयुनक्ति verb pratiprayunakti { pratiprayuj } add instead of something else
स्थानेयोग adj. sthAneyoga implying the relation of instead
मणिदीप m. maNidIpa lamp having jewel instead of a wick
गुडोदक adj. guDodaka containing water instead of molasses
अतिदेश m. atideza putting one thing instead of another
तृणैध m. tRNaidha fire for which grass is used instead of fuel
चुञ्चुरी f. cuJcurI kind of game played with tamarind seeds instead of dice
आज्य n. Ajya oil and milk used instead of clarified butter at a sacrifice
धेनु f. dhenu any offering or present to Brahmans instead or in the shape of a cow
उदास्थित m. udAsthita ascetic who instead of fulfilling his vow is employed as a spy or emissary
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