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आचार m. AcAra institute
मठ m. maTha institute
देश m. deza institute
प्रणयति verb praNayati { praNI } institute
प्रणयते verb praNayate { praNI } institute
स्थापयति verb caus. sthApayati { sthA } institute
संयोजयति verb caus. saMyojayati { saMyuj } institute
प्रणीत adj. ppp. praNIta instituted
विनिवेशयति verb caus. vinivezayati { vini- viz } institute in
चरित n. carita fixed institute
विनिर्वेशयति verb caus. vinirvezayati { viniviz } institute or install in
वैखानसशास्त्र n. vaikhAnasazAstra institutes of vaikhAnasa
युयुक्षति verb Desid. yuyukSati { yuj } wish to appoint or institute
मानाग्निहोत्र n. mAnAgnihotra agnihotra instituted through pride
अस्मृति f. asmRti not being part of the institutes of law
व्यवहरणवहर्तृ m. vyavaharaNavahartR any one who institutes an action at law
अयक्ष्यमाण adj. ayakSyamANa not wishing or not about to institute a sacrifice
व्रतिन् m. vratin one who institutes a sacrifice and employs priests
अध्वर्यु m. adhvaryu one who institutes an adhvara any officiating priest
प्राचार adj. prAcAra contrary to or deviating from ordinary institutes and observances
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