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उम् ind. um interrogation
प्रश्न m. prazna interrogation
परिप्रश्न m. pariprazna interrogation
आमन्त्रण n. AmantraNa interrogation
विप्रश्न m. viprazna interrogation of fate
कम् adverb kam particle of interrogation
किस् ind. kis particle of interrogation
साक्षिप्रश्न m. sAkSiprazna interrogation of witnesses
कद् adverb kad a particle of interrogation
ऊम् ind. Um a particle of interrogation
कथम् ind. katham which appear to generalize the interrogation
कथा ind. kathA sometimes merely a particle of interrogation
स्विद् adverb svid particle of interrogation or inquiry or doubt
कद् adverb kad as a particle of interrogation kaccid may be translated by I hope that
कथम् ind. katham sometimes katham merely introduces an interrogation katham is often found in connection with the particles iva
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