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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
अन्त्र n. antra intestine
गुद m. guda intestine
पुरीतत् m. purItat intestines
अन्तस्त्य n. antastya intestines
महानिम्न n. mahAnimna intestines
गुद m. guda two intestines
वृकला f. vRkalA particular intestine
हलीक्ष्ण m.n. halIkSNa particular intestine
अन्त्राद m. antrAda worms in the intestines
स्थूलान्त्र n. sthUlAntra larger intestine near the anus
विमज्जान्त्र adj. vimajjAntra deprived of marrow and intestines
कालेयक m. kAleyaka particular part of the intestines
संनिरुद्धगुद m. saMniruddhaguda obstruction of the lower intestine
शालूरक m. zAlUraka kind of worm infesting the intestines
आन्त्रतन्ती f. AntratantI string made from an animal's intestines
गुदरोग m. gudaroga disease of the last of the large intestines
भंसस् n. bhaMsas particular part of the intestine or abdomen
कृच्छ्रमूत्रपुरीषत्व n. kRcchramUtrapurISatva difficulty in evacuating the bladder and intestines
सृष्टमूत्रपुरीष adj. sRSTamUtrapurISa promoting evacuations from the bladder and intestines
वपा f. vapA skin or membrane investing the intestines or parts of the viscera
ग्रहणी f. grahaNI imaginary organ supposed to lie between the stomach and the intestines
आटोप m. ATopa rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines
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