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प्रास्ताविक adj. prAstAvika introductory
अधिकारक adj. adhikAraka introductory
प्रायणीय adj. prAyaNIya introductory
पूर्वहोम m. pUrvahoma introductory
मुखचालि f. mukhacAli introductory dance
प्रतिपद् f. pratipad introductory verse
प्रस्ताव m. prastAva introductory eulogy
प्रायणीया f. prAyaNIyA introductory sacrifice
पुरस्ताद्धोम m. purastAddhoma introductory sacrifice
पुरोनुवाक्यावत् adj. puronuvAkyAvat having an introductory verse
प्रतिपद् f. pratipad introductory verse or stanza
अवतरणिका f. avataraNikA introductory words of a work
उद्ग्राह m. udgrAha introductory part of a piece
ध्रुव m. dhruva introductory verse of a song [in music]
धुवका f. dhuvakA introductory stanza of a song
विष्कम्भ m. viSkambha interlude or introductory scene
पुरस्ताद्धोमभाज् adj. purastAddhomabhAj having an introductory sacrifice
पुरस्ताद्धोमवत् adj. purastAddhomavat having an introductory sacrifice
पुरोनुवाक्या f. puronuvAkyA introductory or invitatory verse
पुरश्चरण n. purazcaraNa preparatory or introductory rite
तेन m. tena note or cadence introductory to a song
शेखर m. zekhara particular dhruva or introductory verse of a song
पस्पश m. paspaza any introductory matter explanatory of the plan of a book
अङ्कमुख n. aGkamukha introductory act of a drama giving a clue to the whole plot
ध्रुव m. dhruva introductory verse of a song or a particular time or measure
प्रस्तावना f. prastAvanA introductory dialogue spoken by the manager and one of the actors